Want to know the best AppSumo deals in August 2021? You have come to the right place.August has been a busy month for AppSumo. AppSumo has given us excellent suggestions for handy business tools like Plutio, SleekBio, and ADYOUNEED; Some of these deals are still available on AppSumo, and you can find more information about them below.

Before we make a list of AppSumo’s new offerings, here’s what you should know about AppSumo (if you haven’t heard of it before):

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AppSumo offers weekly deals on the best tools to build, grow and expand your online business.

Thanks to AppSumo, I’ve been able to make lifetime deals for great business tools like Ninja Outreach, Rocketium, and TARS, among many others. In addition, I also signed up for a portfolio from AppSumo, a versatile toolkit for entrepreneurs and startups that includes over 30 tools to grow your business.

The best part of the offers that AppSumo offers is that you get lifetime access to the products most of the time, which means you only have to pay once for the software that follows the monthly subscription model. In other words, with AppSumo, you’ll never have to pay the total price of business software again.

In this post, you will find the top 10 AppSumo deals for August 2021. Below this section, you will find the best AppSumo WordPress gadget deals, followed by the best small widget deals and AppSumo free deals.

In the last section, you will find AppSumo offers that have been on the site for more than a month.
Please note:

We’ll let you know about new deals as we learn about them. We highly recommend you bookmark this page to receive frequent updates on new offers.
This article contains affiliate links, which means we will receive affiliate commissions on any purchase you make.

Developed by the AppSumo team, TidyCal is a scheduling solution that makes it easy to manage your calendar and get more bookings.

AppSumo Offers Summary

  • TidyCal – Simplify scheduling with calendar and booking page integration
  • Peppertype.ai – Create better content in seconds with AI
  • Pictory  – Create short social videos from long content.
  • AYOUNEED – Create, test, and improve ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
  • SleekBio: Get one beautiful and straightforward link to use in your social media bio.
  • SalesBlink – Close deals by finding professional emails and automating customer interactions.
  • Rytr: Create high-quality content with an AI writing assistant.
  • LOVO – Access to 180+ human voices in 34 languages ​​with full commercial rights
  • Promo Republic – Easy content creation and scheduling of social media posts
  • SendFox – Automatically send personalized emails to your followers, followers, and fans
  • Linguix – Get a clean, crisp copy with the AI-powered writing assistant that edits as you type
  • LiveWebinar – Get more meetings with our improved global webinar platform
  • Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode – Create and Manage Professional Placeholder Sites
  • KingSumo – Get tons of potential customers for your business or brand with viral giveaways
  • Boost – Expand your mailing list by collecting verified emails with links to sign up on social media
  • Re: Normal – Talk to your customers on Facebook Messenger and Telegram

Top 10 AppSumo Deals


TidyCal’s easy-to-use interface helps you integrate all your calendars in minutes. With up to 10 calendar connections per account and automatic detection of recipient time zones, the solution ensures that you never have to worry about scheduling conflicts again.

Get lifetime access to TidyCal for just $19

Transaction Amount: 108 USD

AppSumo Price: $19 (Lifetime Access)

** This deal will enter into force on July 1, 2021.


Peppertype.ai is an AI-powered content creation tool that creates engaging content for multiple channels in seconds.

Part of the Pepper Content family, the largest marketplace for content powered by SaaS, Peppertype.ai lets you choose from over 35 different types of content, including ad text, social media comments, blog structure, and website copy.

Get lifetime access to Peppertype.ai for just $39

Peppertype.ai will usually set you back $25 per month per user. But with AppSumo, you get lifetime access to Peppertype.ai for just $39.

Get lifetime access to Peppertype.ai now.

Trade value: $300

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)

** This deal is effective August 7, 2021.


Developed by the AppSumo team, SleekBio is a social media solution that generates more traffic and clicks on the best content and products.

With SleekBio, you have complete control over your vital social media link and the promotion of your best content.

Get lifetime access to SleekBio for only $19

Transaction Amount: 108 USD

AppSumo Price: $19 (Lifetime Access)

** This deal is effective June 21, 2021.


Pictory uses AI to turn your explicit content into attractive and easily digestible videos that you can share on social media.

With Pictory AI technology, you can scan long videos and capture important moments in just a few minutes. You can manually adjust the AI ​​settings to choose which short clips you want to include in new videos and customize them with logos, colors, and fonts.

Get lifetime access to Pictory for only $59

Pictory typically costs $19 per user per month. But with AppSumo, you get lifetime access to Pictory for just $59.

Get lifetime access to Pictory now.

Transaction Amount: $588

AppSumo Price: $59 (Lifetime Access)

** This deal is effective August 1, 2021.


ADYOUNEED is a social media and searches advertising platform where you can create and optimize ads in minutes by automating your ad processes.

ADYOUNEED brings together major advertising channels – Facebook, Instagram, and Google – into one app for a seamless workflow. With ADYOUNEED, you can create effective ads in just a few minutes, regardless of whether you have made ads in the past.

Get lifetime access to ADYOUNEED for only $69

ADYOUNEED usually costs $50 a month. But thanks to AppSumo, you get lifetime access to ADYOUNEED for just $69.


Trade value: $1200

AppSumo Price: $69 (Lifetime Access)

** This deal is effective July 15, 2021.


Agiled is a white-label, one-stop business management platform for managing clients, leads, finance, projects, tasks, employees, and more.

Agiled works seamlessly with HubSpot, SendFox, Asana, Plutio, Active Campaign, Freedcamp, Freshbooks, Xero, Quickbooks, Zoom, Mailshake, and more.

Get Lifetime Access to Agiled for only $69

Agiled usually costs $7 per month, but with AppSumo, you get lifetime access to Agiled for just $69.

Get lifetime access to Agiled now.

Transaction Amount: $948

AppSumo Price: $69 (Lifetime Access)

** This deal is effective August 1, 2021.

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App Sumo


SalesBlink is a digital platform designed to automate customer experiences and connect with the right people for the most productive leads.

SalesBlink allows you to find leads, create awareness campaigns, import custom data, schedule appointments and manage information with built-in CRM for automated and successful sales negotiations.

Get Lifetime Access to SalesBlink for just $ 59

Typically, SalesBlink costs $ 49 per month per user, but with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to SalesBlink for as little as $ 59.

Get Lifetime Access to SalesBlink Now

Deal value: $ 1,788

AppSumo Price: $ 59 (Lifetime Access)

** This deal will take effect on June 2, 2021.


LOVO is a next-generation synthetic speech platform with AI natural sound and text-to-speech for e-learning, marketing, and entertainment.

LOVO makes it easy to find the perfect voice for your video content with over 180 voice options in 34 languages ​​with full commercial rights at your fingertips.

Get Lifetime Access to LOVO for Just $ 49

LOVO usually costs $ 34.99 a month, but with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to LOVO for just $ 49.

Get Lifetime Access to LOVO Now

Transaction amount: $ 588

AppSumo Price: $ 49 (Lifetime Access)

** This deal will take effect on June 20, 2021.


SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators to compose and send an unlimited number of customized emails.

SendFox combines automation and customization to help you create simple, beautiful, and effective emails.

Get Lifetime Access to SendFox for $ 49

Explicitly designed for content creators, SendFox helps cover all-important marketing fundamentals, from forms and CRMs to email campaigns and integrations. Create simple branded emails and landing pages to grow your business and easily track performance in one easy-to-use platform.

Click here to get lifetime access to SendFox

Deal amount: $ 240

AppSumo Price: $ 49 (Lifetime Access)


Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a ready-made WordPress plugin for creating and managing professional placeholder sites.

This plugin includes more than 170 themes for your page coming soon. You can add or remove progress bars, sign-up forms, Google Maps, and a few other elements to make the page your own.

Get lifetime access to soon and maintenance for $39

Lifetime access to this plugin usually costs $99, but with AppSumo, you get lifetime access to Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode for just $39.

Get lifetime access to Coming Soon and Service Mode now.

Deal Amount: $99

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)

** This deal will enter into force on August 13, 2020.

WP Scheduled Posts

The WP Scheduled Posts plugin is a calendar editor that helps you improve your content strategy and improve the performance of your WordPress site.

With WP Scheduled Posts, you can easily manage your scheduled and draft posts directly from the awesome calendar and have a complete view of your content in the editorial calendar.

You can also schedule your WordPress posts in advance and manage all authors in one place.

Click here for lifetime access to WP scheduled posts for just $39.

AppSumo currently offers a deal on a development plan for a WP deployment schedule, which typically costs $149 per year. But thanks to the players at AppSumo, you get lifetime access to WP scheduled messages for just $39.

Get lifetime access to WP Scheduled Posts for $39

Deal value: $149 per year.

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)

** This deal is effective November 4, 2019.

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of remote work and collaboration. Remote access tools have made working from home more accessible and more productive.

AppSumo has some excellent remote tool offerings at the moment. Here are AppSumo’s best offerings for small tools, from conferencing to screen sharing and project management:

Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss (BLAB) is a complete solution for making appointments and selling your services online. With BLAB, you can create your booking page without any technical knowledge.

Get annual access to Book Like a Boss for $ 125

Live Webinar

Live Webinar allows you to create professional presentations to build brand awareness, reach leads, and engage with customers. (No installation or download required)

With live webinar, you can host meetings on your domain and add your branding to take your conferences and webinars to the next level with audio, video, and presentations on a single platform.

Get annual access to LiveWebinar for $ 99


Rytr is an Artificial Intelligence Writing Assistant to help you create quality content for blogs, ads, emails, social media, and more in just a few seconds and a fraction of the cost.

From over 20 supported use cases, select your preferred content type and tone of voice to create an original that suits your needs.

Get Lifetime Access to Rytr for Just $ 39

Transaction amount: $ 599

AppSumo Price: $ 39 (Lifetime Access)


Nichesss is an app that helps you find profitable niches within your target audience at the click of a button. It will also help you create unique social media posts and marketing materials in seconds.

Get lifetime access to niches for just $ 59

The basic Nichesss plan usually costs $ 19 a month, but with AppSumo, you get lifetime access to Nichesss for just $ 59.

Get lifetime access to niches now.

Transaction amount: $ 999.

AppSumo Price: $ 59 (Lifetime Access)

Host Maria

Are you overpaying for your web hosting? Is your hosting limited to inodes? HostMaria has partnered with 20i to provide next-generation web hosting (also known as the true cloud).

HostMaria’s cloud load balancing and autoscaling servers with 100% SSD means you get the best performance no matter how volatile your web traffic is.

Get annual access to HostMaria for just $ 4

Trade Amount: $ 24.50

AppSumo Price: $ 4 (1-year deal).

Thrive Anywhere

Thrive Anywhere’s leading magnet library contains everything you need to create professionally designed lead magnets so you can grow your mailing list.

Get Lifetime Access to 120 Thrive Anywhere Credits for just $ 39

Promo Republic

Promo Republic is a powerful social media tool with customizable templates and images, so small operations can significantly impact marketing.

PromoRepublic includes an extensive library of 7,500+ ready-made templates and 100,000 images. With this easy-to-use image editor, you can customize hundreds of colors, fonts, and backgrounds and add your company logo.

Get Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic for just $ 49

On a typical day, you should pay $ 49 per month for the PromoRepublic Basic Plan. But thanks to AppSumo, you get lifetime access to PromoRepublic for just $ 49.

Get Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic Now

Transaction amount: $ 588

AppSumo Price: $ 49 (Lifetime Access)


Boost is a unique mailing list-building tool that uses the Social Media API to build subscription links so you can reach more leads quickly.

Boost gives you the ability to share subscription links anywhere – on landing pages, on social media, and even offline using a QR code.

Get Lifetime Access to Boost for Just $ 49

On a typical day, you have to pay $ 19 a month for the Standard Boost plan.

The portfolio

The portfolio is a diverse set of tools for entrepreneurs and startups looking to build, grow and grow their businesses. With over 35 tools (and growing in number), Briefcase helps you cover everything from sales to design, SEO, and more.

In short, this is a collection of the best AppSumo products under one roof that will simplify your life and improve your business.

Find out more about the wallet here.

To access all the tools in the wallet individually, you have to pay more than $1,400 per month. But thanks to AppSumo, you get access to all the devices in the wallet for just $49 a month!
AppSumo Plus is the AppSumo Rewards Program specially designed for loyal AppSumo customers.

Here’s what you get with an AppSumo Plus subscription:

  • 10% off purchases at AppSumo
  • Access to KingSumo Giveaways Pro
  • Exclusive invitations to special digital events
  • An AppSumo Plus membership will cost you $99 per year, which is $8.25 per month.


Switchy.io allows you to customize, manage and track your retargeting links so you can increase your conversions.

Switchy.io is much more than just a link shortener. You will have the ability to customize the look of your social media post. Then add targeting pixels and UTMs to increase your conversions.

Get lifetime access to Switchy for $39

AppSumo’s Switchy plan usually costs $43 per month, but you can get access to Switchy for life for just $39.

Get lifetime access to Switchy for $39

Transaction Amount: $2400

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)

Re: simple

Re: simple is a live chat program that receives and sends your website messages directly to Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Re: simple chat invite feature in a regular program allows chat operators to reach site visitors, provide assistance, and increase conversions within 45 seconds of their visit to your site.

Get lifetime access to Re: Regular for $49

Re: simple works seamlessly on any website, CMS, or platform, and you can connect Re: simple to your favorite marketing tools, including Zapier, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, and more.

Trade Amount: $167.76

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

King Sumo

King Sumo is a platform that helps you create viral giveaways to quickly and effectively grow your audience and reach more leads.

King Sumo Editor is easy to use. You have to write a little about the draw and choose the number of winners you want.

Get lifetime access to KingSumo for just $ 49

As an entrepreneur or blogger, you know that marketing and advertising can be costly. You need a budget for online advertising. It would help if you assigned a team to communicate with sales. It would help if you explored a whole new marketing channel.

But with KingSumo, you can generate more leads in less time and for less money.

Get Lifetime Access to KingSumo Now

Deal amount: USD 228

AppSumo Price: $ 49 (Lifetime Access)


Linguix is ​​an artificial intelligence-powered writing assistant that checks your writing for errors and guides grammar, punctuation, style, and vocabulary.

Get Lifetime Access to Linguix for just $ 49

The premium version of Linguix usually costs $ 8 per month, but with AppSumo, you get lifetime access to the Linguix premium plan for just $ 49.

Get Lifetime Access to Linguix Now

Transaction amount: $ 288.

AppSumo Price: $ 49 (Lifetime Access)