If you want the ultimate discount on your site from a reliable host and therefore are looking for Green Geeks special deals to save your hard-earned money.

You’ve come to the right place to take advantage of GreenGeeks’ huge offering during this time.Thanks giving season, and yes, this is the perfect launch to launch your business website.

Features and Benefits

Now in this section, we will discuss why you should choose GreenGeeks. As you know, GreenGeeks is one of the greenest web hosting providers in the world. But that’s not all for those looking for a specific set of services from a hosting company.

So, here are the free features, benefits, and offers that GreenGeeks brings you with all of their web hosting plans.Round-the-clock customer support, seven days a week.

1)Green Geeks prioritizes customer support:

It provides you 24/7 high priority customer support 24/7/365, where you can ask your questions and resolve your concerns at any time.

They have an expert support team available 24/7 via live chat, ticket, and phone.

So, whenever you find problems and run into the server and hosting issues, you can contact them and ask for quick help.

Every web hosting company prides itself on its 24/7 services, but you don’t even bother trying in most cases. However, in the case of Green Geeks, we have personal experience and absolutely no complaints.

2. SSD drive:
One of the best features of GreenGeeks web hosting is that it offers you SSD webspace, which means you get faster response and your server performance from both user and administrator.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are faster than hard disk drives (HDDs) and are configured as a reliable, high-performance RAID-10 array. Speed ​​up your site with speedup methods.

3)Speed Up Your Website With Speed Technologies

Did you know that Google will prioritize fast website rankings?

Green Geeks can help you with this. We tested its speed and found the final results.

Also, for building your audience, speed is one of the main factors that play a significant role.

So, to bring you fast speed and performance, Green Geeks provides you with some of the best plugins and services like LiteSpeed, LSCache, MariaDB, HTTP / 2, PHP7, and a Free CDN.

You don’t need to worry about speed and performance; Green Geeks takes care of everything. The only thing you need to worry about is creating and creating regular content for your site because that is up to you.

4)Free SSL certificate:

Security is vital to your site and its data. And to ensure maximum safety and encryption of your website data, Green Geeks offers a free SSL service for your website.

It gives you a free SSL certificate with every auto-install web hosting plan, which means you don’t have to worry about installing SSL and securing your website content.

Is this SSL only valid for the first year? Don’t worry about it; when you renew your web hosting plan, Green Geeks will automatically renew your site’s SSL certificate.

5)Daily backups

Green Geeks provides you with a daily backup service, which is very important when some errors occur. There are times when you lose all of your site’s content due to errors. This way, Green Geeks will be able to restore your entire site at this time.

Even in malware or phishing attacks, when your site gets hacked, you need to restore the last known good backup. Get started with Green Geeks and create your website now.

6)Advanced firewall protection:
Firewall protection prevents malware and viruses from infecting your website and protects it from vulnerabilities that could harm files.

Green Geeks uses an advanced firewall that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect and protect your data from malware and viruses automatically.

7)Convenient control panel.
Green Geeks has created an improved and easy-to-use control panel that makes it easier to understand and use their web hosting services and features.

A beginner-friendly dashboard that gives you all the basic information about your domains, hosting plans, and a chat option if you want to clarify something.

It also makes your website easier to use and manage with all the convenient tools and services available.

8)Free site migration:
Already a blogger or website owner? If you are tired of your old web host and are considering upgrading to Green Geeks web hosting, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter. How?

All you have to do is buy Green Geeks web hosting and request a website transfer. Their team of experts will migrate your site to Green Geeks for free.

If you want to transfer your domain from another domain registrar, they will transfer it for one year—a free domain for a one-year subscription with all hosting plans.

Migration includes up to $ 100 when choosing a professional service. No downtime and zero costs and

When this content is distributed to multiple servers worldwide, response times are reduced, and the user will not have to leave the page due to the slow speed.

9)Free CDN:
CDN helps to quickly download your website, getting download from the nearest server. Key, like Cloudflare, makes several copies of the cache on different edges of the servers, and it improves your performance and speed.

Built-in CDN Green Geeks from CloudFlare, which helps store hard content cache for your site. When you distribute this content on multiple servers worldwide, the delay decreases, and your user should not abandon the page due to slow speed.

10)Money back guarantee :
If you have just purchased Green Geeks web hosting and are not satisfied with their web hosting services and features, there is no reason to panic.

Green Geeks offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can quickly get 100% of your money back within 30 days of purchasing from them.

11)Speed ​​and uptime:

Green Geeks survey results
Well, here we are going to test the speed and uptime of Green Geeks web hosting.

As you know, Green Geeks guarantees 99.9% uptime and promises high performance and speed.
Green Geeks
To check the speed of Green Geeks web host, we have a website hosted on their servers.
As we know, uptime is the lifeblood of a website. The entire purpose of the content and maintenance of a website is lost if it crashes most of the time.

We expect the site to be up and running day in, day out, 100% of the time. However, given the server-related maintenance tasks, this is unrealistic. Thus, we expect at least 99.9% uptime.


Now we will discuss the extensive group of products and their suitability for all user needs and, finally, the price to check the costs.

Green Geeks is a small size for several customers, but when you look at the product range, they are as big as Bluehost.

Below are the products and their specifications.

1)Shared hosting

The Green Geek entry plan begins in a common hosting. They are also restored as a crowded WordPress view; you will find the same name, features, and prices.

This plan is very cheap and is best for a web developer, blogger, or small business owner.With this plan, you will get free migration, free domain registration or transfer, and free marketing and SEO tools.

The only difference here can be a server where most hosting companies provide exclusive servers for WordPress sites; it improves performance.

While Hosting Vanilla Vanted Vannals will work with many CMS and platforms on the same server, WordPress will save it only for WordPress users.

So, you can carefully choose and not be confused with the same names and prices.

Lite: Supports a website 1, 50 GB SSD, unusual bandwidth, and 50 email identifiers.
Pro: Unlimited Websites without storage covers, unbalanced bandwidths, unlimited email identifiers.
Premium: High-End Hosting Plan with all the features of Pro Plus Plus Custom IP and SSL SSL.

What is all-inclusive?

Now the best part of GreenGeeks. Their products look pretty generous to bear anyone. No limited temperatures where you get almost everything for free.

After payment of the host, you get all these products and combined features:

  • Domain for the first year
  • SSL service life
  • One-click Installation WordPress
  • Regular backup and recovery
  • Precise Harmful Software and Assistance to Delete
  • Cloudflare CDN Integration
  • CPanel.

Who is the Shared hosting subscriber?

Shared hosting is the cheapest plan available from all web hosting companies. Ideally, we recommend this hosting to new or low-motion blogs.

When you start the first site or explore the blogging industry, the total host is helpful for a start.

Also better for small business sites, where you need a presence on the Internet and several email identifiers for yourself or personnel.

After you see success in your online project, future traffic will begin. It would help if you upgraded at least to the VPS.

2)Hosting VPS

Geeks offers reasonable VPS plans. If you already place on shared servers and search for updates, select VPS.

What for? Just because the VPS gives you guaranteed resources without sharing with anyone else.

Physically, you may not be a lot of all yours, but in fact, part of the RAM and CPU are installed to you, and any other website can be used.

Not only for performance, for security reasons too, but the VPS is also the best alternative to the overall owner.

The best part lies in the fact that Green Geeks provide you with fully managed VPS, which means full access to the root and control without a truck.

Time View VPS options are available with Green Geeks.

  • 2 GB: This plan provides guaranteed 2 GB of RAM, 4VCPU, SSD 50 GB, and a width of 10 TB.
  • 4 GB: The VPS plan provides 1 RAM 4GB, 4VCPU, SSD 75GB, along with the transmission limit of 10 TB.
  • 8 GB: As follows from the name, this plan can easily cope with heavy transport requirements with 8 GB and 6VCPUS RAM. A permissible bandwidth is also 10TB here.

What is all-inclusive?

VPS with large hosting companies at all “easy to manage experience” for non-technical bloggers.

While you receive full access to the root, security, and control, you need to know how to manage the server.

But, with GreenGeaks, the selection of the VPS server is, to be honest, thanks to full-way VPS plans.

Here are some essential functions that you can expect with every VPS plan; you will swim with GreenGeaks:

  • Orbit support
  • Dedicated IP [Preliminary Check Black Help]
  • Free SSL.
  • CPanel and license to configure one application
  • Advanced monitoring and firewall.

Who is ideally for VPS?

As we discussed above, VPS is the best alternative for a shared host. These days, although co-hosting plans are significantly improved. They are not guaranteed because they were several years old.

Companies such as Green Geeks include a joint hosting plan for beginners as quickly as the top plan.

However, since the server shares several places and hundreds of sites using the same resources, you cannot ignore the possibility of GOOF-UP at any time on time.

So, if you think your site generates enough income to control the value of VPS, you recommend it.

The VPS is not at all customs server, but you still get 10x best results compared to the overall hosting plan.

Now we will discuss the extensive group of products and their suitability for all user needs and, finally, the price to check the costs.

Companies such as Green Geeks include a joint hosting plan for beginners as quickly as the top plan.

However, since the server shares several places and hundreds of sites using the same resources, you cannot ignore the possibility of GOOF-UP at any time on time.

So, if you think your site generates enough income to control the value of VPS, you recommend it.

The VPS is not at all customs server, but you still get 10x best results compared to the overall hosting plan.

Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are looking for the best hosting options, Green geeks offers you so.

However, it is not easy to carry this hosting type for all. The entire server is allocated to you, the cost of paying payments, respectively.

Sites of millions of traffic or e-commerce stores, where a micro-stop time is a crime, are recommended for user hosting. All intensive movement we prefer to use it.

For companies where maximum income is created through websites, the cost of hosting is usually not connected.

It’s time to look at hosting plans available with GreenGeaks.

  • Enter: 2 GB DDR3 RAM, core processor, 500 GB of the repository, and bandwidth of 10,000 GB.
  • Standard: 4 GB DDR3 RAM, Xeon 3.1 GHz, 1000 GB Storage and bandwidth – 10,000 GB.
  • Elite: 8 GB DDR3 RAM, Xeon 3.2 GHz, 1000 GB Storage, bandwidth is 10,000 GB.
  • Pro: 16 GB DDR3 RAM, Xeon E5, 1000 GB Storage, bandwidth is 10,000 GB.

What is all-inclusive?

Custom hosting gives you complete control in choosing, upgrades, updates, and administrators.

After providing you with a real server, you are now responsible for providing all the processes necessary for your site.

Green Geeks gives you a server following the above specifications.

Who Dedicated hosting is ideal for?

If your site is the primary source of income and your budget is not installed, go to this hosting.

However, in most cases, we see that VPS plans easily control traffic.

If you have a command, manage all the tasks associated with the Server Service after the day, and guarantee all security tasks alone and select the user server.

Whenever you see VPS behaves during sudden traffic or the crowded days of the season, you must either plan to increase resources or updates.

Reseller Hosting

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Green Geek Price

Now we will discuss plans and price plans to hold Grringki, made for “Suppliers.”

Did you think about starting a web host?

This hosting is for all professionals, agencies, and developers who look at the beginning of their web hosting, WeiteBel.

Create the business of your hosting without any investments and gaps to manage daily server operations.

Let’s quickly look at the hosting provider provided by Green geeks.

  • RH25: Storage 60 GB, 600 GB of bandwidth, and 25 CPanel accounts.
  • RH50: Storage 80 GB, 800 GB bandwidth, and 50 CPanel calculations.
  • RH80: Storage 160 GB, 1600 GB of bandwidth, and 80 CPanel account.

What is all-inclusive?

Your hosting resources must provide all the functions that your client is expected. Whatever you come, you should be able to deliver them.

Here are some critical inserts with all hosting providers:

  • Server backup
  • CPanel.
  • Free SSL for your customers
  • Billing Management / Account Management
  • Protect firewall for all sites
  • Non-limited owner areas
  • Pull and fall builders
  • CDN.

Who Reseller hosting is ideal for?

This hosting is an ideal solution so that someone is looking to start their web hosting. First, you do not need to invest in the density in the purchase of servers and the creation of data centers.

If you are looking for a hosting web service that starts the total price of the background and IT processes, this hosting is perfect.

Since you have decided to buy a GreenGeeks , you should be aware of the remarkable qualities that set it apart from the crowd.

  • Reliable and powerful infrastructure
  • Excellent performance with a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Real-time security scans and active server monitoring
  • SSD hard drives, optimized servers, CDNs, and Power Cacher for lightning-fast page loads
  • Minimum server specifications with RAID-10 SSD storage
  • Shared hosting scalability and reliability
  • Affordable plans suitable for all types of businesses
  • 24/7 top-notch customer support (live chat, email, and phone support)
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support a green network
  • Free domain and site name migration
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • GreenGeeks’ Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals
  • GreenGeeks Offers 2 Hosting Types Discounts On Black Friday!

It is best to take into account the environment
GreenGees are a web hosting. With GreenGeeks hosting, you can support renewable energy.


  • 99.9% in time
    There is one content with the host GreenGeaks. Yes, I got the best time with green. Although they argue about 99.90%, they are sometimes up to 99.99% in time.
  • More Available Compared to other Web Hosting Companies
    GreenGections provide a better price for their functions compared to other web hosting companies.
  • Powerful functions at a logical price
    You get unique, powerful features in this price range, which is served only with GreenGeaks. Along with free SSL and complimentary email messages, SSD Storage also provides free CDN. I got a good page loading page with Green Geeks.
  • Good customer support
    Everyone needs help or support to get rid of questions. They provide high-quality support to customers whenever they need it.


  • It should be noted that the phone support is not available 24/7. You can use live chat or email support to get some problems from midnight to 9 am EST.
  • Recovery policy :As well as other web hosting companies, GreenGeeks offers a free number during registration.But, my friend is not accessible in this world; these are free offers from companies. If you look to ensure the restoration of funds, you need to know.There is no doubt that GreenGeeks gives you a restoration of funds, but remember the accessible area you choose during a hosting subscription.
  • Upon request return, you will return, but after deducting the amount of registration. Consequently, your domain is already recommended. Otherwise, you must pay several capital fees for it.
  • Set the fee if you choose monthly accounts
    There is nothing else if you choose the annual plan to accommodate GreenGeaks. However, if you select monthly scores of the system, you must pay an extra $ 15 as device settings.

GreenGeeks Alternatives

There is considerable competition everywhere where you go. Similarly, you will find many market hosting companies. Nevertheless, there is something concern about any actions taken.

The case is unsafe for our investment. Do you take GreenGeaks for me? Or should I see some alternatives so?

What are the best GreenGeeks alternatives available on the market?

Well, there are many available web hosting companies, but what do you need is required? To help you get out of the situation, some of the best green geek alternatives you can.


I’m gonna be telling you guys about everything that you need to know before getting started with a
web hosting platform itself if you want to create your very first website .

I feel is extremely important to know not only with green geeks but with any web hosting provider online that you may decide to utilize a create your website online I put together some bullet points a little outline if you will and once I go over all of these things guys you really see why is it that I give green geeks a five-star rating.

Once you find the plan you want, click the get started button. You can now choose a domain name. You’ll get a free domain name if you purchase Green Geeks for any of their annual terms.

If you pay monthly you won’t get the domain name free. Click the next button when you have entered in the domain name that you want.

If you already have a domain name click I already own a domain name and click the next button. Next, you want to enter your account information. You’ll then be on the package information section of the page.

You’ll see the account plan. Click the dropdown. You can choose your hosting term to pay monthly, to pay for a year, pay for 2 years, or pay for 3 years.

You’ll notice you’ll get the greater discount the longer you purchase your hosting plan for. All web hosting providers including green geeks has a regular rate what the web hosting actually cost right now then they have an introduction which is a special promo that they allow you to get it for if you take advantage of it today.

For all annual plans, you’ll get a free domain name. For the monthly option, the domain name will not be free. Next, you’ll see the server location.

Click the pencil icon and you can choose a server from the United States, Canada, or Europe.

The domain privacy add-on I highly recommend this keeps your personal contact information safe.

This will prevent getting calls and emails from telemarketers trying to sell you their services.

This is completely up to you though. Next, enter your payment information and click the create account and get started button.