Are you looking for a WordPress host? Would you like someone to take care of keeping your WordPress website safe and saved?

If this is the case, Kinsta could be the WordPress website manager you are looking for. But it is not yet recorded!Today I will discuss about Kinsta Review.

In this report, we explain precisely the different features of access, but we also reveal the loading times of our WordPress test websites examined by Kinsta. In addition to this, we also share how these loading times are assigned when several visitors access the sites simultaneously in our user simulation tests. To evaluate the quality of Kinsta Review later, we also publish the results of our inactivity time monitoring tests.

Unlike other Kinsta Review and other critics of web hosting in general, unknown to Kinsta, we have paid proof independently that they place our WordPress websites hosted by Kinsta, using Premium services, such as Pingdom load impact to collect Significant data. And discover the complete story of Kinsta marketing claims.

Therefore, Kinsta review is for you if you are looking for the best WordPress accommodation or are interested in identifying high-end web hosts, such as Kinsta, in the offering.

Kinsta Review : Best WordPress Web Hosting

Since it was founded in 2013, Kinsta has been striving to become the WordPress user hosting provider ready to look beyond marketing campaigns and low prices to find a fast and safe home for your website.

It does not mean that the $ 30 per month participation plan of Kinsta is not competitive compared to other high-end-managed WordPress hosts. It is only that it is not an economical accommodation Low cost.

What you get for your money is managed WordPress accommodation. It means that Kinsta takes care of some aspects of the administration of a WordPress website for you and organizes your site in an optimized environment for WordPress websites.

Thanks to this, tasks such as insurance, cache, and backup copies of your WordPress website are deleted from your hands. It avoids your time and reduces the risk of something wrong if you are not familiar with how WordPress works.

With Kinsta’s WordPress accommodation, you can expect faster loading schedules from the website, less downtime, and fewer performance issues than generic web hosting.

In addition, when Kinsta Review offers only WordPress website accommodation, all your support staff is very experienced in helping WordPress users and are also problem-solving experts related to this software. Some support staff members even contribute to WordPress software.

Although many companies offer WordPress accommodation managed, as we explore in this report, Kinsta Review differs from other guests who work in this space.

Kinsta Review :What do you get with Kinsta?

If the idea of ​​fast loading time, fewer website management tasks to support, and less downtime to worry about pleasing sounds, then Kinsta could be the right web host for you. To see if so, let’s look at precisely what you get when you register with them.

The main thing that separates Kinsta from most other WordPress hosting providers managed is its use of the Google Cloud Platform. It means that WordPress websites are housed in the infrastructure created and maintained by Google and used by companies such as Spotify, Snapchat, HTC, Best Buy, Philips, and Coca-Cola, to name a few.

Being a Google Cloud platform partner allows KINSTA to host your website at a state-of-the-art infrastructure with the option of 21 global server locations and more on the road (Hong Kong and Switzerland are available soon). The highly scalable material of the Google Cloud platform guarantees that your website always has access to the resources needed to provide a smooth user experience for your visitors. For example, if your website becomes viral, the automatic scale guarantees that your site can handle all traffic overvoltages.

Kinsta Review : WordPress Automatic Website Backups

As mentioned, the automatic backup copies of the WordPress website are part of the Kinsta service. Automatic backup copies are preserved for at least 14 days in entry-level plans and more time at the highest levels. Restoring backup copies is easy, with the ability to implement them in your live site or the test environment.

Kinsta Review :Technical Details Kinsta handled WordPress accommodation.

In this section, in our opinion Kinsta Review, you must answer your questions about the best points and the technical details of this service before moving at the speed of the site, the time of activity, and the results of the performance tests:

  • Cache storage site: Four types of cache storage in place, including server-level storage and a cached WordPress storage plugin in the store.
  • Delivery content network (CDN): 50 GB of Keycdn used per month at the entrance to the Kinsta Plan; More on the highest plans.
  • PHP: Switch between PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4 by pressing a key.
  • HTTP / 2.0: In the use of servers and CDNs.
  • SSL: Get an SSL certificate for free to encrypt or install yours.
  • SFTP: Secure FTP access in the webspace to download files and edit.
  • Server File Manager: Without Online File Manager, FTP has just accessed the space on the server.
  • Access to the database: phpMyAdmin is used to access the WebPress page database via a browser.
  • Messaging service: without messaging service in any of the plans of Kinsta, G Suite is the recommended option.
  • WordPress Website Management: Plugins Update Capacity via the My Kinst Control Panel, but no automatic Plugin or WordPress software updates.
  • Plug-in Restrictions: There is a list of prohibited accessories, including cache, safety, and optimization storage plugins that may affect the performance of the website.
  • Safety measures: The measurement portions are the basis of the safety of your site, including the blockade, Dinging scanning, proactively stopping the malicious code, entering the network, PHP self-healing, GCP fire, etc.
  • Post-pirate cleaning services: If your site has been hacked as organized by Kinsta, they will solve it free.
  • Data Center Locations: 21 locations including choosing, including options in Australia and South America, and several places in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
  • Statistics Sites: All plans include access to a test site with a click deployment for the active site.
  • WordPress website migration: available free of charge in all accommodation plans.
  • Visitor Analysis: See the data on your website via the My Kinsta Control Panel.
  • Activity time controls: The status of your site is checked every five minutes to allow the support team to respond to any detected inactivity instance.
  • 24/7 support channels: a live channel and a ticketing system, but without telephone assistance.

Kinsta Review : Kinsta Account Management Panel

When managing your account, Kinsta has created your custom panel. The My Kinsta portal is easy to navigate and allows you to carry out tasks such as creating new WordPress websites, the plugin update you installed on your site, and your backup management.

  • Kinsta Web Hosting Performance
    As mentioned earlier in this Kinsta journal, one of the main reasons for choosing the WordPress-managed premium is the fastest website of the load times you can expect. However, with so many web hosting companies now offering optimized WordPress services, choosing a planned plan since the WordPress accommodation managed does not guarantee an excellent site speed.
  • We have done tests to help you decide if KINSTA provides the performance levels you are looking for. These show how fast a loaded WordPress website was performed, how much downtime took place during a specific period, and how several simultaneous visitors were handled.
  • Results of the KINSTA load test test
    To help you have a better idea of ​​the type of loading time you can expect from KINSTA, we tried the speed of a site with a light theme installed, as well as a place with a rich, versatile theme. The loading times were recorded at 30-minute intervals for seven days using the Pingdom surveillance service.
  • Try the results of the seven-day kinsta tests with a light theme
    At the time of writing, twenty-seven were included as the default theme with new WordPress installations. It is a lightly lightening option that offers enough to allow you to start with a primary blog.

Kinsta Review : Price

Kinsta has the beginning and the professional plans, four business plans, and two. Here are your key details:

  • Entry: $ 30 a month for a WordPress installation, 25,000 visits, and 10 GB of disk space.
  • Pro: $ 60 a month for two WordPress installations, 50,000 visits, and 20 GB of disk space.
  • Business plans: $ 100 per month for three WordPress installations, 100,000 visits, and 30 GB of disk space.
  • Business plans: $ 600 a month for 60 WordPress installations, 1,000,000 visits, and 100 GB of disk space.
  • Paying gives you every year two free months, and all plans include a free SSL SSL certificate, as well as access to CDN. There is also a 30-day repayment guarantee on all projects; you can try Kinsta without financial risk.

Each plan has access to the same infrastructure, powered by the Google Cloud Platform. It means that the update increases the number of authorized WordPress installations and storage views and assignments instead of improving the site’s performance, as is the case with some other hosts.

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Kinsta Review : What’s going on with rates to start?

About excess rates, there are two main types. Visit the excursion charges are $ 1 per 1000 visits, while excess CDN are billed at $ 0.10 per go. The fees are immediately applied to your account, and your site remains online. However, in the case of what the end of Kinsta is reserved, they reserve the right of access temporarily to their site until the problem has been resolved.

You can see details on the Kinsta Plans page.

Hosting is a highly managed WordPress hosting service using the Google Cloud platform to accommodate its sites. It means organizing your WordPress site on Google Speed.

To summarize, KINSTA is constantly found to be one of the most efficient accommodation providers, and its managed hosting platform makes them accessible to beginners. At the same time, their advanced features also make attractive users for WordPress users of Evid. Web sites that use the supplier, including ours, constantly achieve excellent results and find it incorrectly.


  • SEO has been improved: Web sites that use KINSTA see better reference results since your websites are loaded faster and experience a lower visitors’ rebound rate.
  • Fast loading time: Provide your customer’s infrastructures from sophisticated websites; KINSTA sites are loaded quickly.
  • Google Cloud Platform: KINSTA uses the Google Cloud Platform Premium Service for KINSTA sites to have a robust online infrastructure that hosts the contents of your website.
  • Multi-user authorizations: Assign roles to different team users to give them access to all their websites, billing capabilities or add them as developers or administrators to their websites.
  • Dashboard Bilingual: Mykinsta board is available in English and Spanish.
  • Automatic daily backup copies: You do not even have to think about it; it just happened! You have the option to increase automated backup copies to occur every 6 hours in some plans.
  • Parking environment: Do updates and changes on your website in a clone separate from your site not to interrupt your live site. The collection sites provide you with the opportunity to modify, test, and resolve errors before they live.
  • Response time Close Immediate: KINSTA will be the first answering machine if a website is established. Supervise the availability hours of websites every 2 minutes, so you know instantly if something is wrong.
  • Friendly Dashboard: There is nothing that does not need everything you do; the Mykinsta Backend panel is easy to use.
  • Sophisticated security: KINSTA offers not to worry about protecting your site on the security front. Kinsta has covered you.
  • Developer-Director Migration: KINSTA developers will migrate their website from other self-accommodation hosting providers to do this correctly.
  • Integrated CDN network: KINSTA has been associated with KeyCDN, so it has a free and integrated content delivery network. However, you can use your CDN network if you wish.
  • SSL Certificate: You should not forget, SSL certificates are accessible in all price plans.
  • Excellent and fast customer service: The average response time of KINSTA is less than 5 minutes for you to hand.


  • Only WordPress: KINSTA Hosting only WordPress / WooCcerce websites.
  • It is not the cheapest accommodation platform: the most affordable web hosting options are available in the market, but it usually pays for what you get.
  • There is no domain record: KINSTA is exclusively a WordPress hosting provider.
  • Again, Kinsta Colle to host the WordPress websites, do not send an email.
  • It is not compatible with all add-ons: Some security add-ons are not compatible with KINSTA simply because it interferes with the security measures they already have instead.

Kinsta Review : Conclusion

As you can see, hosting Kinsta offers quickly with impressive levels of activity time and the ability to handle multiple visitors simultaneously.

It also provides exciting features, such as backup copies of automatic sites, security monitoring, and an easy-to-use staging environment. The support staff is helpful and very receptive to the live chat service 24/7.

Although Kinsta prices are in line with other WordPress-managed accommodation providers, it is not expensive compared to shared entrance-level accommodation. However, Kinsta is a massive passage of low-cost web hosting in all areas.

Therefore, if you are looking for a host for your faster and more reliable WordPress site, or if you want to start your new WordPress site in a managed accommodation, Kinsta is highly recommended.

If you are still not sure, thanks to the 30-day warranty refund, you can always register and migrate your site to the staging environment. Then you can see how fast your site is loaded, with the possibility of getting a refund if you are not satisfied with the results.