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In this Writersonic review, we’ll see if this powerful AI tool is worth your money and time.Suppose you are new to content writing or blogging and doing it part-time or full-time. The main problem you will face in one day is that you can only do R&D or write your blog.

Most of the time, content writers have a lot of work to submit. Therefore, they always have little time. Don’t worry; I’ve created an artificial intelligence tool that will save you time and be optimized for SEO as there will be no plagiarism in the generated content.

What is Writersonic?

It makes it incredibly easy and fast to create high-performing landing pages, product descriptions, ads, and blog posts in seconds.

Writersonic has over 1,600 reviews and an average score of 4.8 stars on Trustpilot, G2 and Capterra, which is by far the highest in the category. Our user acquisition has been entirely natural, mostly word of mouth, word of mouth and SEO. Say goodbye to long walls of text, no matter how long your article or copy needs to be.

Writesonic makes it incredibly easy and fast to create high-converting landing pages, product descriptions, ads and blog posts in seconds.

Writesonic has over 1,600 reviews and an average score of 4.8 stars on Trustpilot, G2 and Capterra, which is far from the highest in the category. Our user acquisition has been entirely organic, mostly word of mouth and SEO.

If you don’t like the first copy, keep hitting the respawn button until you find something you want.

Features of WriteSonic

This powerful AI tool has more than a few features. Below are some of the more exciting parts of the Writesonic AI tool.

Let’s look at the models Writersonic uses to create content to understand better how it works and what types of articles it generates.

In addition to its artificial intelligence, Writesonic includes the GPT-3, which stands for the third generation of the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.

For those unfamiliar with AI, this is a machine learning model trained to generate text using data from the web.

GPT-3 includes over one hundred billion machine learning parameters. It outperforms the Microsoft NLG model, which has only 10 billion machine learning parameters.

The text of this model reads naturally and can generate almost any type of content, from articles to news. This model is one of the reasons Writesonic can consistently produce high-quality papers for its clients.

Now that you understand the artificial intelligence and machine learning model behind Writesonic, let’s look at the different types of content it can create for you.


These are not specific types of content but a formula that AI uses to create content. Writesonic uses two procedures, one of which is PAS, which stands for Pain-Agitate-Solution.

This formula uses the following steps in the article: define the problem, stir up the trouble, and then propose a solution.

Most articles are written to solve problems, which is why this approach works so well when combined with artificial intelligence like Writesonic.

The AIDA formula is also used: attention, Interest, Desire and action. These are the cognitive stages a person goes through before buying a product or service.

Blog Copy

It is the most common type of content created by Writesonic. Blog posts are, without a doubt, the most crucial section of any website.

These are the reasons why you get new visitors daily.

And for your blog to continue attracting readers and audiences, you must be consistent when writing and publishing blog posts.

Writing a new blog post every day on your own can be tricky, and this is where Writesonic comes to the rescue.

It will generate blog ideas for you, as well as intros, outlines, and entire blog posts if you like. Writesonic can provide you with a whole blog post without human assistance.

Digital Advertising Copy

Knowing how valuable social media advertising is, you will understand the importance of creating a digital copy. Currently, Writesonic can be used to create compelling digital ad copy that will drive more potential customers to your site.

At the moment, you can only create copies of Google and Facebook ads. Writesonic, on the other hand, promised its clients that it would soon launch a tool to create attractive ads on Instagram and Twitter.

Product Description

Ecommerce store owners must create product descriptions, features, titles, and even ads. Writesonic can also make this type of content in seconds.

So if you sell products online and on sites like Amazon, instead of spending all your time creating product descriptions, you can always use this writing tool and focus your efforts on marketing your products.

You were taught how to use both AIDA and PAS in articles to encourage readers to take specific actions after reading an article.

Writersonic is capable of creating a wide range of content.

This AI tool can generate growth ideas, personal bios, press releases, YouTube video copies, and more.

Due to the variety of articles this tool can generate, it is also ideal for freelance writers.

Website Copy

Creating content for a website can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you are starting.

If you are using Writersonic, this is not necessary. Writesonic can create eye-catching content for your website, headers or landing pages.

You can use this article builder to create content for all the pages of your website without having to hire a copywriter or sit down at your computer and make the content yourself.

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Writesonic Reviews

How to use Writesonic?

Writing articles with Writersonic is quick and easy. Most people think that giving orders to an AI is a time-consuming process.

However, it is not. Writersonic strives to make content creation as easy and fast as possible.

Here’s a rundown of what happens in the content creation process with Writersonic.

Follow these three easy steps on how to use Writersonic;


The first and most crucial step is determining what type of content you want to create. We have already discussed some types of copies this AI can generate.

So, all you have to do now is choose the type of content you want to create. You can use digital advertising, a landing page, or even a blog.


The next step is to describe what you want to see in the content.

This step is also crucial because Writesonic AI will give you shared content if you don’t.

You need to give the AI ​​the context you expect it to have for the element in the description. Writesonic will use this description to create content that meets the criteria.


You are now ready to create content after selecting an article type and inserting a description. Writesonic will make several copies based on your instructions.

When you click the “Create” button, the content is created and made available to you within seconds.


The generated article will be visible in the Writesonic control panel. You will only have to edit the article to your liking. You can then save or publish it by copying it.

That’s how easy it is to create content with Writesonic.

Who can use Writesonic?

It can be used by almost anyone who writes! Who isn’t?

  • Advertisers
    In any advertising agency, the demand for promotional copy is endless. Because the more extensive your customer base, the more documents you’ll need.If you have a small advertising agency, you probably don’t have the resources to produce as many copies as you’d like.It can help you with this. This AI can create powerful and engaging ad text to help your customers generate more leads for their websites or businesses.
  • Corporate Brands
    E-commerce and content are inextricably linked. Even large e-commerce stores like Amazon rely on partner marketplace reviews to make sales.Whether you own or work for an eCommerce brand, you need to have the best writing tools at your disposal.Running an eCommerce store is hard enough, especially if you’re doing it alone.When creating content for your eCommerce store, an article builder likeWritersonic can help a lot.In addition to blog posts to drive traffic to your eCommerce site, Writesonic can help you create product descriptions, social media ads, and even landing pages.All this will help your brand recognition.Reading Writesonic reviews will show thousands of online entrepreneurs using this AI-powered content generator.
  • Digital Marketers
    The need for promotional prints never ends at an advertising agency. Because the more clients you have, the more copies you will need.If you’re running a small ad agency, you probably don’t have the resources to create as much copy as you’d like.Writersonic can help you with this. This AI can create powerful and engaging ad text that will help your customers generate more leads for their websites or businesses.
  • Bloggers
    Running a successful blog requires regular posting. It’s easy to lose readers if you don’t update your blog regularly.Most bloggers experience writer’s block when they are emotionally drained and unable to create creative content.Writersonic will make your life as a blogger easier. You can create new content in seconds using its quality article creation capabilities.You must pass a few lines of description to the AI ​​and wait for the content to be created. As long as you have Writesonic, your blog will always be up to date.

Writesonic FAQ

Many questions are being asked about Writesonic’s artificial intelligence. Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions;

Is Writesonic free?

Unlike other article generators, Writersonic offers its customers a free trial. Free trial for your customers. The free pack includes 10 credits that can be used to create different types of content. Writersonic offers a free trial for digital marketers, bloggers, and advertising agencies to see what this powerful AI can do for them.

Is there a lifetime offer for Writesonic?

At the time of writing this review, a lifetime agreement with Writersonic was not available. However, third-party sites like Sumo App often offer lifetime deals on Writesonic.You can get unlimited access to Writesonic for life for a fee that starts at around $59 for life.Every month you will receive a certain amount of premium credits to use. To avoid getting scammed, we advise our readers to contact Writersonic support and ask if there are any current lifetime offers.In the long run, a lifetime offer can help you save money.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic offers ten free credits to anyone who wants to try their platform. Unlike other subscription-based AI generation tools, it operates on a credit-based system where each action requires a certain amount of credits. Read the Writersonic review to find out more about their pricing. After the free plan, there are four paid plans to choose from. Here’s a closer look at its alternatives:

  • Basic: For $15 a month, Writesonic gives you 75 credits, support for up to 25 languages, one user seat, and access to all existing features.
  • Professional – This plan is $45 per month and includes everything in the previous programs plus unlimited credits.
  • Startup: This plan is for new businesses and costs $95 per month. Includes everything from other programs plus browser extensions, Shopify app integrations, and priority support!
  • Agency: For content agencies looking for AI tools built specifically for them, this is the best deal on the market for just $200! Additional users and other benefits such as white-label capabilities are included.


Writesonic is very good. It is one of the most used writing applications. Writersonic is a content marketing platform that gives businesses a set of AI-enabled writing tools to help them create better marketing copy.

The platform can help with everything from Facebook and Google ads to landing pages, blog posts, product descriptions, and more. Writersonic allows businesses generate ideas on topics like startups, growth hacks, YouTube video titles, and more.To get update information follow my social media.

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