What is Ahrefs Tool?

Ahrefs is a known tool used mainly to check the backlinks, but most SEO forget to consider that it is capable of much more. With its vast data index, Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools of SaaS on the market.

  • Marketing specialists use Ahrefs in some of the world’s leading companies.
  • Site Audit →Optimize your website
  • Site Explorer →Analyze your competitors.
  • Keywords Explorer →Study what your customers are looking for
  • Content browser →Learn the most efficient content of your industry.
  • Tracker Range →Follow your ranking progress

Tools such as this helped eradicate the days when non-ethical and black SEO tactics play google. They helped the industry to fulfil, and SEO has never been so easy. With tools such as Ahrefs available on the market, it has become simple to improve what we do.

With the growing SEO-HACKER toolbox, it is not surprising that we try different tools for our keyword research, competitor research, writing and content optimization, and site management. Although the devices can not write our content for us or do our job for us, they can help us in different ways:

  • Strategically select content subjects.
  • Find the right people for our content.
  • Know what people we should do a disclosure
  • Management of our website

Then, without any other teenager, here is my comment on Ahrefs. You can also look at your new blogs for the business course, a series of lessons.

Ahrefs – A complete SaaS tool

Once you enter the Ahrefs website, you will be taken immediately to your home page. It highlights everything that Ahrefs has to offer, its data index and some extracts of SEO expert testimonies around the world.

However, before anything else, I promised a free trial; here is: Free Ahrefs test. Just visit your homepage and click on “Free Login” so you can start trying to try this tool.

To begin, login, and you will be redirected to the dashboard where new projects can enter and monitor the old ones.

As you can see, my team and I start many projects for most of our customers. The board shows users the general description of their projects (sites). We decompose the data shown in the control panel so you can better understand what they mean.


The following elements are displayed:

Ahrefs range: This is your website’s range according to your Backlink profile’s size and quality. It is constantly changing because our websites regularly improve your backlit profile, and if you do not compete with your backlink profile, you will lose your ranking, Ahrefs.

Domain Note (CD): This scale indicates the intensity of your website’s total backlink link profile. It measures from 1 to 100, so your DR is high, better.

Backlinks: shows the total number of backlinks that point to a specific website and, in this case, the customer or our website.

Areas of reference: Like the Backlinks data, it shows the number of domains that link on a specific website or URL.

Biological Keywords: Displays a series of keywords that the website is located in the first 100 search results, regardless of the location.

Directed keywords: This section shows the performance of your specific keywords in a particular calendar.It is only a simple description of the website that will be extended to the main sections of Ahrefs. The first main section, and probably the most important, is the Site Explorer section. Here is what it seems:

The General Information section is where you can find everything you need to know about your website. It is complete with numbers, graphics and everything you need to see about changes that occur on your website.

As an SEO Professional, you should be able to adapt your referencing campaign in place. And with the data provided by Ahrefs, you will immediately know what to do to improve your site’s performance.

The best part of the overview, even ahref as a whole, is that they regularly update the data they show. 

Backlink profile

This is the characteristic where Ahrefs does the best for connectors and SEOS. It shows you a complete data display on the link profile on your website. When I say completed, I mean they offer everything you need to know about your site’s lightning profile.

Again, the lost, broken, dofol and non-fool links, the Ahrefs site browser can show you everything you want to know about all the links on your website.For increasing instagram followers,you can use Mr insta.

 Backlink’s profile from your site, many filters are available for you to have the best possible results. They are:

  • Similar links
  • A domain link
  • All links
  • Tie
  • Platform
  • Languages

I like the group of similar group links for efficiency purposes. Besides, there is a search bar that you can use to find connections, anchors or specific reference domains.

Another advantage of using AhRefs is your “Index” switch off “Live Index” “that shows backward links that the Ahrefs channel has found. The main difference between the two is that the live index is updated every 15-30 minutes To show live links on your site. It is updated at a much longer time for new charges but always shows dead links that allow you to recover or change the dead link.

These two have their advantages, but I usually look at the live index much more than the fresh index because I want to see the regular link updates on my site.

ahrefs price Ahrefs Review 2022( Best SEO tool) Digital Debashree Dutta
Ahref Price

The other functions included in a backlink profile are:

Anchor: This essentially shows all anchor texts, the reference domains used to create a link to your destination website. View all the details you need to know, as the field used the anchor and the fragment where the Backlink located. Besides, this allows you to filter the results to find a specific anchor.

Top Reference Content: Displays the most popular page that connects your destination website. They stop the popularity of the page through the number of social actions it has. You can use this to help your SEO campaign knowing which website/website tracking with decent social networks and can be associated with them for more link opportunities to improve your backlink profile.

IPS referencing: However, this is similar to that of reference domains; this report tells you the intellectual property of the referring fields and the network where they belong. It also shows you how many retroltilic points contains an IP address.

Another feature of Ahref that is likely to help you take your campaign to improve heights is its content gap functionality. It gives you the ability to check the keywords that your competitors are classified so you can stay forward at any time. Ahrefs gives SEO the ability to go beyond its competitors, knowing which keywords to allocate and focus on.


The other features included in the Analysis Sites section focus primarily on monitoring your specific website’s different aspects. Here’s all you can see with Ahrefs:

The best pages: This informs you of the ranking of its pages according to the traffic they bring to the website.

Pages “Best Best Per” – These are different reports that show a classification of pages based on:


Number of reverse links attracted

Number of social networking actions

The higher content: a detailed list in the classification of its content pages according to the number of social networking actions in the leading social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest).

Outgoing Links: Different reports indicating a list of different aspects of their outgoing links on their specific website. They are:

Related areas: individual websites that your specific website is usually connected to.

Anchors: Displays a list of all terms or expressions used as anchor text for internal and external links on your specific website.

Broken Links: A report on all pages containing broken links, which could help you repair or update these specific pages’ relations.

Research Paid: This allows you to monitor all the payment campaigns you walk at that time. This includes PPC and advertisements.

The best destination pages: a list that signals the ranking of your specific website’s destination pages.

To export

It is not a unique feature of Ahrefs, but what you liked from its export functionality is that they include all the data you have seen in the Explore site section, and you can choose to download a CSV or PDF file that is standard for most of The SaaS Instruments.

Content browser

Another feature of Ahrefs is your content scanner tool. This is used for the generation of subjects, scratch and relevance in trends and content topics. It is not the only content search tool, but it is undoubtedly one of the most used.

I liked the AHREFS Content Explorer tool because the details you need in the products are shown immediately for each result. And the results can be modified with different filters. Here is a screenshot of the content browser, and I am looking for “content marketing” as a subject.


It is the most recent tool in the Ahrefs database. He launches recently, and I enjoyed using it, even for a short time. And I could certainly say that it has a lot of potentials to improve your SEO. For internal linking, you can use link whisper.

When you find yourself in the Ranker-Tracker section, you must enter your keywords and view your keyword ranking’s general description. The Rank Tracker also gives you four tabs indicating different details, namely:

Competitors: This tab allows you to compare your progress with its competitors. It’s essential because, in addition to tracking your classifications, you must also consider the progress of your competitors.

Pages: It is essentially a report that brings together its keywords followed by its corresponding pages.

Metrics: Ahrefs is overcome with that because he joined all his keyword metrics of this feature. All you need to know about the measurement of your keyword included in this tab.

Grading: This focuses mainly on demonstrating how it has improved its keywords more than 7, 30 and 90 days—this divide between its design on the desktop and the mobile platform.

Other features

In addition to the characteristics I highlighted above, Ahrefs also offers additional features, namely:

  • Ahrefs Range
  • Comparison of areas
  • Lot analysis.
  • Intersect link
  • SEO Toolbar
  • Ahrefs API.
  • Applications.

These features can also be useful for our SEO campaign. However, honestly, I think that using these features can be optional because it offers only a small amount of help.