What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a valuable tool that will find many relevant and sometimes not so relevant internal link suggestions.It doesn’t slow down your site and generally helps you rank higher for a fair price.It automates your internal linking at least partially.

Yes, you will no longer have to add internal links to your pages or articles manually.

So let’s take a look at how Link Whisper fared when we put him to the test.

I have been looking for a good internal link building plugin for many years. So when I heard that Niche Pursuits’ Spencer Howes who had released it,I thought I had to check

.If you don’t know Spencer, he is a blogger, marketing partner and creator of Long Tail Pro, one of the most popular keyword research tools around..

But before we dive into details, let’s take a closer look at internal links. Why is this so important?
Why internal links improve your SEO?

Most of SEO experts think that internal links are a powerful SEO technique. Internal links distribute the PageRank flow across your site – the more internal links a page has, the higher its PageRank.

For example, if you have a page with good external backlinks, you can use internal links to pass that link power to other pages on your site and make those pages more prominent in search results.

This is because sites with strategic internal links rank higher than sites without internal links.

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that create internal links between blog posts using artificial intelligence (AI).

In any case – before Link Whisper appeared, there were already three or four internal link plugins.

But there was a problem with these plugins – they were making site-wide changes based on very rough keyword matches.As a result, there are many internal links using the same anchor text.

First, it uses AI to find context-aware smart linking capabilities. And secondly, Link Whisper gives you complete control over which pages to link to and which anchor text to use in the link.

Link Whisper builds a database of suggested links and lets you choose which links to use.

It’s important to note that Link Whisper only partially automates your internal links. You still need to approve each link, and in the process, you can change the anchor text to be used in the link (and by the way, you should never use a fully automated internal link plugin – you should always be able to validate and approve each internal link) .

How much does Link Whisper cost?

An important factor when choosing a new plugin is cost. This is especially true if you already use 10 or 15 premium plugins – the cost starts to rise.

Link Whisper is a nice surprise: just $ 77 per year for one site, $ 117 for three sites, and $ 167 for ten sites.

That’s $ 6.40, $ 9.75, and $ 13.90 per month, respectively. When you consider how much time this plugin will save

you, and the potential SEO benefit you will get from having the right internal link, it’s not a big expense at all.

Link Whisper Features

  • Adding outgoing internal links
  • Adding incoming internal links
  • Bulk adding of internal links
  • Create links between articles of the same category or tag
  • Changing URL
  • Automatic linking


Build internal links quickly :

The biggest benefit is that Link Whisper does things in seconds that would otherwise take you a long time.

Full control over anchor text:

Anchor text is something that Google watches very closely for signs that a website is manipulating an algorithm. This is the essence of the Penguin update.

You need to be very careful about knowing where the anchor text exactly matches the target keyword of the page you are linking to. Therefore, it is important that you control the anchor text – this is a really important feature of Link Whisper.

You decide which links you need:

This is also very important – you never want to give control of your intercom to a machine. This can quickly lead to unnatural adhesion. This can hurt your SEO and hurt your rankings.

Most of the suggested links are relevant

At least 60% of Link Whisper’s link suggestions are relevant. But of course there will be some bugs with any AIalgorithm. Overall, however, the plugin offers some very pertinent links.

Multiple sentences for the same anchor text :

Another cool feature is that Link Whisper usually offers multiple link options for each anchor text. Obviously, this will depend on how much content you have on your site – the more content, the higher Link Whisper’s ability to offer multiple links.

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Link Whisper Regular Price

No problem if you uninstall Link Whisper

With some plugins, everything stops working when you uninstall them. This does not apply to Link Whisper. When you

remove it, internal links will remain and will work the same way as before.

Works well with all major page builders

Link Whisper is compatible with all major WordPress editors including Classic WP Editor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder,Thrive Architect, Elementor, Woo Commerce, and Kadence Blocks.


Links in headers

I don’t like placing links in titles, so I would like to disable link suggestions in titles and subtitles.

Some irrelevant suggestions

Some of the suggested links are not relevant, but they are a minority. And with every update, the plugin is getting more accurate.

No external link offer

Doesn’t offer external links, but this is hardly a bug since Link Whisper is a plugin for internal links.