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Looking for a great WordPress portfolio plugin to showcase your work? In this WP Portfolio review, I’ll share what this plugin has to offer. If you’re a creative person, you probably have a collection of work that you share with potential clients or employers.

Using a WordPress portfolio plugin allows you to display these parts in a user-friendly way, so your work gets the attention it deserves. While there are many great free and paid portfolio themes out there, the advantage of a portfolio plugin is that you can integrate it into an existing theme or site.

WP Portfolio Review

What is WP Portfolio?

WP Portfolio is a WordPress portfolio plugin from Brainstorm Force. It is specially designed for authors, photographers, web designers, videographers, business owners, and anyone who wants and needs a portfolio.

You will create stylish-looking portfolios by allowing you to add portfolios for websites, photo portfolios, video portfolios, and even single-page portfolios.

You have to create a template from scratch or choose from dozens of professionally designed templates.

What’s so great about WP Portfolio?

WP Portfolio is a feature-rich portfolio plugin for WordPress users. Some of the best features the plugin has to offer include:

An easy-to-use and simple dashboard for creating, customizing, and managing your portfolio.

  • It offers shortcodes that can be easily modified or customized to suit your needs.
  • Create custom post types such as audio, video, simplified blocks, and more. You can also view blog posts, WooCommerce products, and other custom post types.
  • Create responsive and flexible wallets for different browsers and device screen sizes.
  • Lightweight and performance-oriented. This means that it will not affect the site performance or load times.

WP Portfolio provides a slow loading feature that speeds up the loading of the wallet, which is useful for site SEO.So if you already have a WordPress site or are just in love with a theme that lacks portfolio features, using the WP Portfolio plugin will do the job.

The plugin offers a simple solution for displaying your portfolio. WP Portfolio offers an engaging way to showcase images, videos and website designs to prospective clients:

  • Image Portfolio: Plugin supports uploading multiple images to display your work.
  • Video Portfolio: The plugin has a video gallery for showcasing your video products.
  • Website Portfolio: A simple import tool lets you import content in seconds to display your website portfolio. The plugin even comes with a demo import tool and offers built-in white label website portfolios that you can use as a basis for creating and displaying your own.

WP Portfolio allows you to display beautiful websites, images and videos to engage your clients and buyers. The plugin helps you display them together and make a good impression on your visitors.

I was delighted to find out that this plugin contains many key features. I can say that the developers thought of designing this plugin to include all the features and usability that a user would need to display a portfolio.

The online demo is a great feature, as the plugin contains ready-made online templates. They can be easily imported into a website to display your portfolio. They are only included in the Agency Mini-Pack and Agency Pack.

Designs: The plugin offers several design options to create the perfect look for your portfolio. Various designs allow you to personalize your portfolio.

Masonry Grid is a common type of portfolio display, and this plugin does not disappoint.

WP Portfolio Plugin Features

So let’s start with the features this WordPress wallet plugin provides.

  • Unlimited Layouts: Multiple layouts allow you to display your portfolio better.
  • Hidden Object System: The search box will help users quickly search for similar demos.
  • Integrated Demos: Ready-to-use website demos that can be imported into your website.
  • EASY: This is a lightweight plugin that doesn’t negatively impact your site.
  • Performance Orientation: Add a beautiful collection to your site without degrading its performance.
  • Lazy Loading: You are confident that pages load faster because images are loaded after your content.
  • Masonic grid: Display all your products in a stone grid with all the details you need.
  • Infinite Scrolling: The unlimited scrolling feature allows multiple products to be loaded while the user scrolls through them.
  • Sortable Categories: Categorize and sort products, so users know where to find them in the store.

The stone grid feature makes it easy to add products and portfolios in a simple and direct visual way, and then provides basic information about each product in the portfolio.

Infinite scrolling. As your leads browse your portfolio, the plugin’s infinite scroll feature makes it easy for customers to navigate.

They get more results when they scroll down and don’t have to click through endless pages to see all their work. This feature is built into the plugin to help your users get more results when scrolling down.

best wordpress portfolio plugin

Lazy Loading: When these users scroll down the page, pages and images load quickly. The plugin includes a lazy loading feature for faster loading of web pages. It works by loading images after the content has been loaded, thus improving the user experience.

Search Item Option: Front users can use the intuitive search option to search your portfolio content for what they need easily. The portfolio categories can also be sorted.

Users can view their wallets according to the types and categories that you specify. Let’s say you are developing images, videos, and websites.

The addon is available for purchase with an annual renewal plan or a lifetime payment. If you choose an annual plan, there are three pricing plans. They all come with an unlimited website license and one year of support and updates.

WP Portfolio Price

The plugin is available for purchase with either an annual renewal plan or lifetime payment. If you choose a yearly plan, there are three pricing plans. They all come with an unlimited website license and one year of support and updates.

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WP Portfolio Price

This plan starts at $ 39. This outline helps to showcase and flaunt your work beautifully and with it, you get the WP Portfolio plugin. Let’s move on to the features this plan offers:

  • 48+ Built-in Fake Wallet Sites
  • Shortcode layout for tag support
  • Sortable categories
  • Powered by REST API
  • Small agency package

This plan starts at $ 169. This outline provides you with all the basics you need to work with your favourite page builder. Let’s move on to the features this plan offers:

This plan starts at $ 249. This plan is a complete package of products to grow your agency’s business. Let’s move on to the features this plan offers:

You can also choose any of the plans mentioned in the lifetime option, which means you pay once and can use it for life.Buy the one that best suits your needs and your business. Still, a general rule of thumb is that if you expect your portfolio to be “active” or “active” for three or more years, the lifetime purchase option will be more beneficial—financial transaction in the long run. The developers have made this plugin very accessible and inexpensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the WP Portfolio plugin on customer sites?

All WP Portfolio support pricing options are used across multiple websites. So do not hesitate to use it on your sites or clients’ sites.

What if my license expires?

Our system will remind you several times to renew your license. If you decide not to renew, don’t worry. You can continue to use our plugin on your website. You won’t have access to new website templates, updates, and live support from our team.

Can I include all websites I have created in my portfolio?

Yes, you can!

What’s your return policy?

We strongly believe in and support our products 100%, but we understand that they may not work perfectly for everyone; if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money. You can apply for a refund within 14 days of purchase.


If you were going to organize all of your previous jobs and projects into a large online portfolio on an existing website, but you didn’t have the time or the right tool, get this plugin.

It has incredibly simple settings that make it super quick to set up, and best of all, you can customize it without changing your code.

WP Portfolio will allow you to manage an unlimited number of portfolio projects and create project details for each one. You can include a brief or more detailed description of each portfolio item, as well as add URLs, screenshots, and expiration dates.

One of the best guarantees for attracting future clients is showing them your past work, and this plugin offers you an easy and affordable way to do that. Find more jobs. Grow your business.To get update information follow my social media.

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