Instapage is a landing page builder service that allows you to create a landing page without code.If you want to start building effective landing pages to generate more leads and sell more products, Instapage is the service you may have come across.

Providing you with a professional suite of modern landing page templates and a powerful page builder tool, it looks like a decent product. But is it as good as it seems? And can it help you effortlessly create conversion-focused landing pages? Also, is it worth the money at a relatively high price point?

We’ll help you answer these questions in this Instapage review.

What is Instapage?

Instapage is the leading home page building platform. Instapage helps digital marketers increase ad conversions and return on investment (ROAS) by delivering ads to a highly relevant page at a scale previously thought impossible.There are many vital features like a squeeze page, an ebook page, a thank you page, or a webinar page.

Whether you have a website or an online presence, Instapage allows you to create conversion-focused landing pages to help you reach more leads, sell more products, or get some other action from your visitors.

No coding experience or design skills required because Instapage features make it easy to create effective landing pages – no matter what you’re trying to promote. Features like heatmap, analytics, and split testing tools allow you to use visitor data to improve the design of your landing pages to make them more effective.

Why you should choose this landing page builder?

Library of Customizable Templates: With over 80 high-quality templates, you’ll never have to start from scratch or look for inspiration for your next landing page.

  • Intuitive Landing Page Editor – Whether you want to start with a blank canvas or modify one of the many templates, Instapage’s drag-and-drop page interface is powerful and easy to use.
  • Powerful Form Builder – To ensure you can collect the right leads with your landing pages, Instapage makes it easy to create detailed, customizable forms to collect user information.
  • Convenient Toolbox: In addition to forms, you can easily add other elements to your landing pages, including videos, images, and buttons.
  • Tracking and reporting: With built-in analytics, heatmap, and A / B testing, you can quickly see what works and what doesn’t and then optimize your landing pages for better results.
  • Integration Options: Instapage can connect to many types of services such as email marketing platforms, WordPress, and many more, through Zapier.
  • Hosted System: Instead of using a WordPress landing page plugin, everything is hosted on Instapage regardless of your website. Your account can be used to create landing pages for many projects and websites. However, you can quickly publish landing pages on your WordPress site using Instapage.

We’ll talk more about pricing for Instapage later in this roundup, but if you think it’s the right tool, a 14-day free trial is available.

What you will get from Instapage?

  • 200+ custom landing pages that can be created according to your interests
  • A blank template so you can start from scratch
  • Drag and drop editor for optimization
  • 5,000 fonts and especially 33,000,000 images to work with
  • Notification form, widget, popup and lead capture (pretty much everything you need to attract visitors)
  • Analysis with A / B and pixel split tests
  • Free hosting on Instapage server (includes instapage domain of course)
  • Supports PPC Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing Integration (newly added by Convertkit)
  • Responsive mobile landing page

Main features of Instapage:

1 creating your landing page

There are currently over 200 landing page templates available to you.

Firstly, before creating your landing page, you need to download this plugin to upload it to your WordPress site.

You can also send a message to the Instapage server. If you want to download more templates, that’s ok, because this tool has Themeforest integration. They all look impressive and seem attractive to copywriting. And hey, when you create a landing page, you have to set it up for mobile.

  1. Instagram editor
    A good landing page builder should be as customizable as this tool. It is a drag and drops editor with some elements like headings and paragraphs, images and videos, buttons, forms and forms. One of the best features of the editor is the perfect pixel precision when moving these elements.
    With Instapage, you can specifically move items anywhere on pages.

Just add elements and just drag, resize as you see fit. When you drag elements next to other elements, guides are automatically displayed to help you align the elements with each other.
Of course, each element has its own configuration; I will give an example of a button configuration.

You can also set up click events for buttons such as external URL, popup, download file, or other section.

  • However, you cannot edit the properties of multiple items at the same time. Hope that instapage will improve in the future. Besides, the HTML / CSS file is only available to professional and premium members.
  • Publish your page
  • After creating the landing page, the next part is to publish your page.
  • Alternative default tag for this page.
  • With a custom domain, you can publish your landing page to any domain you own, but this requires some DNS technical knowledge. Don’t worry, because it has video tutorials and helps.
  • In wordpress, you first need to install the Insta Page plugin. Once installed, just copy the CMS token and paste it into the Client Token in this plugin.

Posting to Facebook is easy too: just click a button, and it will be published. The demo page will allow you to publish your on the server.


The company is currently integrated with some of the largest email marketing services such as Mailchimp, Get Response and Infusionsoft. And recently we added direct integration with Convert kit.

Instapage pricing

We hope this review gives you a good idea of ​​whether Instapage is suitable for you. However, if you’re still unsure, you can try it free for 14 days using the trial offer. You will need to enter your billing information to access the trial so that you can receive an invoice automatically upon completion. Still, if you are not satisfied, it is easy to cancel.

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Instapage Price

There are two types of plans.

One option is the Instapage Business Plan, which costs $ 299 per month, or the equivalent of $ 199 per year if you choose to pay annually. Annual bills require a down payment , but that’s a 25 per cent savings on monthly bills.

The customized Enterprise plan is tailored to your specific needs, with custom pricing that reflects your configuration. After contacting the sales department, your organizational strategy will be prepared according to your requirements.

You can find out precisely what is included in a business plan and what add-ons are available for business clients on the Instapage pricing page.

Instapage pros and cons

Instapage is a powerful landing page and lead generation tool, but is it right for you?


  • Nice set of professional-looking landing page templates.
  • The ability to deliver files and sell products on your landing pages.
  • An improved landing page builder that’s easy to use.
  • Enough options to publish your landing page.
  • Lots of reporting data and tools to help you optimize your pages.
  • Features that make Instapage easy to collaborate with team members and clients.
  • Good mobile support to help you create mobile-friendly landing pages.
  • Lots of helpful online documentation and a responsive live chat support channel.

Cons of installation:

  • There aren’t as many landing page templates as some of the other tools, including Leadpages.
  • Fewer page widgets compared to premium WordPress page builders like Divi.
  • The business plan is capped at 30,000 unique visitors per month, 30 published landing page variations, five workspaces, and five team members. The surcharges can be distributed according to the plan of the enterprise.
  • Ecommerce options are a bit limited when compared to other tools like Leadpages.
  • The high price tag makes it unsuitable for owners of unofficial sites.
  • These pros and cons should give you some points to consider when deciding if Instapage is the best landing page builder for you.


In conclusion, Instapage is a great landing page building tool that internet marketers should have. However, this is not for you if you are on a tight budget.

Of course, I highly recommend this tool for anyone looking to create a high converting landing page and squeeze page. And what I love about this company is that they have a popup form, a notification form, and a lead capture form to attract visitors.