Generate Press vs Astra Decoding the Best Themes for Design, Functionality, and User Experience

This artical is a comparison between the Astra theme and the Generate Press theme. Hey it’s Debashree here to share my thoughts on Generate Press vs Astra theme.

If you know WordPress then you’ve probably heard about these two themes: Astra and Generate Press are two of the best WordPress themes today and if you are wondering which theme to use for your own WordPress website then this artical may just do the trick for you.

Generate Press vs Astra Introductions

GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress theme focused on speed, stability and accessibility. So start your website in the right direction, whether you are an amateur, freelancer, or agency. Outside the box adds less than 10 KB in size and has a more excellent reputation in pure education.

As of 2021, GeneratePress activates more than 300,000 locations by Generate Press has a 5-star rating in more than 1150 reviews.


Astra is also a light, multipurpose weight, weighing less than 50 Kb. It comes from the strength of psychiatric architecture, the same team behind several other popular plugins, including the ultimately for Gutenberg / Planingor / Beaver Beaver.

ASTRA has impressive discrimination against the only WordPress theme to ever go through one active installation in It also has a 5-star rating in more than 4,800 estimates.

GeneratePress VS Astra – User Interface

Each of the GeneratePress and ASTRA depends on the Custom WordPress to achieve most of your changes, which provides a convenient interface and free code from the code to make changes. Another benefit to using in the configuration is that it allows you to preview the changes in real-time. You do not need to save and update.

In this section, we will compare the user interface and the user interfaces for each subject. We will focus on free features in for this section specifically, but we will touch on the many distinctive features because we are dealing with them.


Generate Press does not offer starting sites in a free version (but with a definitive version). In addition, no settings of the non-information panel are not provided in the free version. Therefore, when you install a free topic, your first step is to jump directly into the original WordPress Custom:

With separate settings, the GeneratePress settings retain additional weight objects from ASTRA. For this reason, Astra is very seriously more accessible in separate distribution settings.


Because Astra offers starting sites even with his free version, it has a little more than the process of onboarding. However, most of your time will also spend on a highlighted WordPress with ASTRA.

When Astra is first activated, A offers to install starter templates, which gives you access to imported experimental sites:

Generatepress VS Astra – Starting sites

From the point of view of imported experimental sites, Astra has a much more excellent choice. In addition, Astra still includes starter sites for free while you start sites if you paid for the premium.

For these reasons, Astra has become a little more robust when it comes to imported starting sites.

Generate press

Again, GeneratePress offers only starting sites if you buy Premium Generate Press. Do not get any start-up sites with a free version, which is essential to consider if you do not want to start from scratch.

The distinctive version of Generate Press offers running sites based on three different content contractors:

  • Original WordPress Editor (blocks) – 44 different locations.
  • ESM – 14 different locations.
  • Beaver Builder Pro – 6 different places.
  • In total, he gives you 64 pre-built sites to choose from.

To import ‘generate press’ “Starting sites,” you will need to activate the library module in Premium Generate press. From there, you can view the experimental sites in the WordPress toolbar and import them with a few clicks.

When importing the starter site, you have a complete or partial version of the import procedure. You can import:

Just WordPress Uppleizer Settings.

Customer Settings and All Experimental Content.


Astra offers a large number of free star sites and more starting sites with an excellent agency.

Astra offers starting sites with different editors:

  • Original WordPress Editor (blocks) – 52 different locations – 52 free sites, and 0 specific sites.
  • Plasionor – 133 Different places – 60 free sites and 73 specific sites.
  • Beaver Builder – 106 different sites – 38 free sites, and 68 unique places.
  • BRIZY – 40 different sites – 17 free sites and 23 specific sites.

Unlike generate press, there are some interventions on the starting sites between different content editors. For example, you can find the exact site starter, built-in as a block editor and element.

For this reason, you can not simply add the total number of templates. But in general, you can see that Astra provides a much wider choice than a generation. Even if you look at the demo sites for accreditation, it still has two times more.

To install starting sites in Astra, you first need to install the associated starter sites from (or equivalent premium version to access the specific tests).

From there, you can view starter sites within your WordPress information. When you import a starter location, you will have a complete or partial import procedure. You can import:

  • Single content pieces from an experimental site.
  • WordPress client settings only (without content)
  • Only content.

Generatepress vs Astra – pricing

Each of Generatepress and Astra contains free versions available in and distinctive versions that open additional features.

From the point of view of distinctive versions, both are equally the exact pricing. The only exception is that Astra requires a more expensive purchase to open excellent agency templates.


  • GeneratePress offers two payments:
  • $59 in one year of support/updates. You can extend a 40% discount after the first year.
  • $ 249 (one time payment) support / update lifetime
  • Both plans allow you to use them on unlimited sites.


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Astra Price

Astra has three pricing for its premium version:

  • $ 47 called Astra Pro,
  • $ 169 called Essential Bundle
  • $ 249 called Growth Bundle
  • As an alternative, you can also use Astra Pro (and other levels) on unlimited websites.

Aside from the yearly price, they also offer lifetime pricing of $ 249, $ 499, and $ 699, respectively.

GeneratePress vs Astra — Free and Premium Features

As mentioned above, both subjects have free versions famous on and excellent versions with many functions. A helper plugin complements the professional version for a free CORE – will use the same subject, regardless of whether you are using a free version (attribute only) or PRO version (Additional Plus PROSE PLUS).

You will need a privileged version to access all the units we showed for you in the previous section.

Astra is more vineyards with its free features and is more flexible as a free theme. For this reason, Astra may be the best option if you plan to commit only free version.

Generatepress vs Astra – layout and configure a style.

We are slightly touching when comparing FREE VS Premium functions, but now let’s get more depths in planning and elegance options in both topics.

In general, Astra and Generatepress give both tons of setting options, so they are trendy.

However, this is a complex section for comparison since there are many options (especially if you have a definitive version). Copies in each function require your complete e-book!

In general, Astra is a little forward from the point of view of huge features. Most users can only notice when it comes to some specialized features. But for most relationships, they will all give you all the options you need.

For example, both are very flexible when it comes to the “basic” areas, such as:

  • Print
  • Colours
  • Layout

In addition, Astra does not match all fields and believes that it is more flexible in some areas.

Generatepress vs Astra – Performance

Both generation and oriental performance are improved more than the average WordPress theme, and both can get you on a quick website.

In general, however, the giant activation is a bit forward in terms of performance, although the expiration is not massive; however, if you perform Junkie WordPress, this feature for a new one.

To test performance, we have installed each topic when installing new WordPress and Ran tests with WebpageETEST. We did not import the starter site because, for comparison, there are many variables. accordable, your actual site is more complicated if you use Imported Start.

GeneratePress VS Astra – BUILDER Page Compatibility

Both Generate Press and Astra are good with additions to popular pages. More specifically, both of which are based on independence based on builders pages and elements of the level of page level, to easily monitor the designer of the Canvas designer.


When working on different content, GeneratePress allows you to configure the design and disable some items.

You can configure the following items:

Side panel layout: Select from any side layouts (disable, switches, add additional, etc.).

  • Applications Widgets – Change the number of application widgets anywhere from 0 to 5.
  • Content container – select from the default, full or incoming display.

You can also disable the following items, checking the field:

  • Top bar
  • Header
  • Primary navigation
  • Secondary navigation
  • Featured image/page header
  • Content title
  • Footer


Astra also gives you precise controls at the page level, including some optional head behaviour action options. For example, you can turn on a dense or transparent head on the page-based page.

You can configure the following settings:

Are you tired of the slow owner of your WordPress site? We offer fast and 24/7 universal servers from WordPress Experts. Check out our plans.

The sidebar is right, left, or disabled.

Content planning – boxed, content boxed, full-width contained, full-width stretched.

Transparent heading – enabled or disabled.

Page Title: Install the page title (more in this feature in the next section).

Sticky head – enabled or disabled.

You can also disable the following items, checking the field:

  • Primary header
  • Title
  • Breadcrumb
  • Featured image
  • Footer bar

GeneratePress VS Astra – Developer-Friendliness

All generations and east are exceptionally designed, and each of these is a valuable tool that will help you customize your topic.

In general, Generate Press may have a slight edge due to its unified approach in the settings, but both are very strong and give you many options.


One of the most valuable functions of Generate Press for developers is the unit of its elements (which requires a distinctive version). Generate Press elements work as a multi-frame centre to work with hooks, add custom layout elements, and much more.

As soon as you have a comment, Generate Press is beneficial to have everything in one place. When you add a new item, you can choose from four different types:

  • block
  • chapter
  • Hook
  • Planning

After that, the intelligent thing is that you can configure the views to start this hook only on specific content (without the need to use any code). You can even have targeted user roles or registered status.

You can also focus on specific content in different tons of roads, including types of publications, categories, tags, custom classifications, author, and more:

Generatepress VS Astra – E-Commerce Integration

Generate press and Astra provide compatibility levels and integrated functions for your store. ASTRA also offers configured digital downloads, while Generate press does not provide any special features for digital downloads.

In general, however, Astra has a more robust aerobics integration with more notable features of cruelty. For this reason, Astra can offer the best choice for WooCommerce stores, although jeans will still be in most cases.

For example, Astra has:

  • Off-Canvas WooCommerce Side panel
  • Built-in fast display product
  • Get out of distraction or leave two steps (read our Outwommerce offensive guide)
  • Sorry for the sale
  • Many customer settings for managing individual products and catalogues
  • Generatepress corresponds to several of these functions, such as free distraction. But in general, Astra is moving in internal integration.

GeneratePress VS Astra – Support and Documentation

If you acquire distinctive versions, both generation and ambiguous support are available. All of them also contain detailed knowledge rules where you can help yourself.

In general, however, the GDD has a slight edge to support some of the reasons we will discuss below.


First, GeneratePress offers detailed documentation for all attribute features. It is always a great place to start if you encountered any problems.

If you need one support, you can use the Public Accounting Forum. Anyone can see the forum, but you need an active license to publish the topic. Now, forums can sometimes maintain a bad delegate, but the generation is excellent and reacts very quickly to new topics.

You will be left until you find Tom Wearborne; the developer still answers requests (although the generator grows to such an extent that it deals with most customer client customer employees).

In addition, since the support forum is distributed, you can also find your answer only by searching for Google to determine the current topic of support.

You can also join the official Facebook community, which increases 6,700 members to support the community.


Such as Generate Press, Astra has a detailed knowledge base with hundreds of articles.

If you need help, you can send ticket support. Because Astra uses ticket support, there is no indicator for finding questions about supporting the forum.

Support the ASTRA also has a large society on Facebook with more than 16,900 members.

Generate Press vs Astra Conclusion

GeneratePress and Astra are popular for a good reason: these are great WordPress themes, and you can’t go wrong with either of them.

All in all, Astra offers a bit more than GeneratePress. GeneratePress has more integrations, more starter sites, more customization options, etc. But does that mean it’s better this way? Well, not necessarily. If GeneratePress has a starter site that you like, it doesn’t matter if Astra has more starter sites because you only need that single form.

Likewise, if you’re not using WooCommerce, it doesn’t matter that Astra has a slightly more innovative WooCommerce integration.

On the other hand, Generate Press has a slight edge regarding performance, which is another important consideration. But, again, Astra is pretty good, too, when it comes to performance – it’s just that GeneratePress is slightly better.

For the price, the premium versions are identical, so there is no difference. However, when it comes to pricing, there are two things to note:

The free version of Astra is more efficient than the accessible version of GeneratePress. So if you’re planning on using the accessible version of any of the themes, you’ll probably love Astra.

To access the premium templates, you need one of the Astra agency packages.

You also need to take into account the type of website you are creating. For example, GeneratePress might be the best choice for a brochure site or blog, and Astra might be the best choice if you’re building a WooCommerce store or online course.

Bottom line: You can’t go wrong with any of the topics, so you don’t need to worry about making a disastrous decision. Instead, it is about choosing the best option that confirms and supports what you are looking for.

Still, have questions about Generate Press or Astra? Then, ask us a question in the contact us box.To get update information follow my social media.

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