Reseller Club offers affordable plans for entrepreneurs looking to create their reseller hosting. Regardless, anyone can subscribe to a wide variety of ResellerClub packages that include shared hosting.

Reseller Club offers shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, VPS, email, backup, security and more with multi-brand options in many of these categories to choose from. Reseller Club also provides a complete solution for registering and managing over 500 gTLDs, ccTLDs and new domains. Reseller Club is committed to providing the widest variety of Web Presence products with a platform designed for web professionals.

It’s a question that I get a lot from my small and medium businesses, from professional bloggers who always want to know what is the best hosting option for you.

My friend Jack wanted to get online and the easiest way to do that was through a shared hosting package.

Let’s understand how shared hosting works now.

Shared hosting is or can be compared to a college hostel. A college hostel is shared among many users.

Water and other resources can be shared among a lot of other people. Every now and then somebody could use more water whereby somebody else would not get some amount of water that they require for the day.

In a shared environment, CPU, Bandwidth and RAM are shared among all the users on that shared server.

Now every now and then if one of the websites is going to get a lot of visitors, other users who have business-critical websites will have a performance dip because somebody else on that server is going to be using all the resources that are available for that server.

For business critical applications you would not want to host on shared hosting because business if somebody else is going to abuse the system then you are going to have critical downtime.

It could impact your profitability, potentially also lose some customers along the way. My friend Jack used a simple but effective WordPress site in order to get online. You need a website which created by hosting and domain for Digital marketing.

It was relatively faster because it didn’t require him to understand hosting and all the technical aspects and it also didn’t mean that he needed to employ somebody to maintain that website.

About ResellerClub

Reseller Club serves over 200,000 customers in 150 countries and manages over 5 million domain names.

Reseller Club currently employs 250 people in more than eight countries. It is owned by Endurance International Group, which also owns well-known companies like HostGator, BlueHost, and Constant Contact.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a way for someone to buy hosting and then split those resources up to sell hosting to others.

It is a good option for those looking to start a new hosting company on a tight budget, or existing business owners, young or old, looking to add web hosting services to their portfolio.

For example, you might be a web designer looking to add the ability for customers to order entire websites from you.

General Hosting Features

There are a few things in common among the ResellerClub offerings:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Select Servers
  • SSH access (full root access on VPS and tariffs with a dedicated server)
  • CPanel or Plesk control panel
  • One-click installation.
  • The plans vary in resource allocation and premium features

Hosting plans

Reseller Club offers reseller hosting that lives up to its name. They have to host on both Linux and Windows, which extends to the company’s other options as well.

If you don’t need a Windows-based server application like Exchange or Microsoft SQL Server, I recommend Linux because almost the entire hosting industry runs on it.

While their name suggests hosting resellers, this is not their only offering. The company seems to be promoting itself as a web host for all trades.

Shared Hosting

Like any decent web hosting provider, they have shared hosting plans. Plans are available for Linux and Windows.

Shared Hosting Features

  • All shared hosting plans include unlimited disk space, data transfer, and email accounts.
  • The only difference between the three plans is the number of domains each plan can support – for example, the Personal plan supports one domain, while the Pro plan supports unlimited domains.
  • Pricing starts at around $ 2.49 (Indian Rupees) per month, and you can host your site in the US or UK.
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Reseller Club Price

Linux Shared Hosting Features

Linux shared hosting plans include:

  • Choice of Ubuntu or CentOS
  • Data centers in India, UK and USA
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • SSH. Access
  • Development tools
  • PHP
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • Unlimited transfers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage.

The prices for their shared hosting plans are competitive.

Windows Hosting
If you choose shared hosting on a Windows server, the number of supported domains may vary:

  • Personal plan – single domains
  • Business plan – five domains
  • Pro plan – ten domains.

Windows Hosting vs Linux

For most people, Linux hosting is the best option. It’s cheaper (since Linux is an open source operating system), but it still handles most of the tasks that users want.

However, there are some for whom Windows hosting is the best option. If you are using Microsoft’s technology stack, then Windows is the right choice.

Unlimited resources

Storage space and conversions are unlimited, or, as is popular in the industry, “unlimited.” They are not limited until your site starts seeing traffic that is causing a load on the server (and therefore on other clients).

At this point, they will either disconnect you or ask you to upgrade to a more advanced plan like VPS.

Nice Perks

However, they do have some good perks. Reseller Club offers SSH access with a shared plan, which many other hosting companies only deliver on their VPS or dedicated server plans.

They also offer easy upgrades if you miss out on a shared plan.

They provide standard static tools to support web applications such as MySQL, Perl, PHP, and Python.


Python version is 2.6.6. Although the Python community has moved to version 3, version 2 is still supported as there are fundamental differences between the two.

Many large Python libraries support version 3, so those looking for Python 3 are advised to look elsewhere.
Other Shared Hosting Features
For Linux hosting, ResellerClub uses the cPanel control panel. For Windows hosting, they provide Plesk. But both are great.

The basic plan only allows you to host one website, but you can host unlimited domains with the higher tier.

They also offer:

  • Free site migration
  • Electronic hosting
  • 1- Click the installer.

Reseller Club resells HostGator
The company not only offers reseller hosting but also resells on HostGator plans.

There is a surcharge on their prices, plus HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee with a 30-day ResellerClub guarantee.

While there is nothing that makes Reseller Club special, they have some powerful hosting features at a very reasonable price.

The best option for you depends on how much disk space you need and how much bandwidth you want to support.

VPS hosting

If you need a VPS plan, they offer one. All of their VPS plans are Linux based. You can choose from two distributions:


  1. Ubuntu
  2. CentOS.


Again, the prices for VPS plans are very reasonable.

As with other providers, the price you pay depends on how powerful the virtual server you need. The number of CPU cores, RAM, and disk space increases with each service level.

Most efficient VPS plan
Maximum available resources:

  • Four processor cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 240 GB storage
  • Bandwidth 3 terabytes.
  • As with shared plans, you get cPanel for free. You also get full root access, although this is a standard feature.

VPS management

Reseller Club VPS plans are partially manageable. Hardware updates and fixes will be taken care of, but you’re in trouble with everything else.

It does not do this on most other similar managed to host plans. This is one blow to them if you don’t like the performance of system administration.

DDoS protection

Since businesses large enough to need a VPS server are likely to be large enough to attract DDoS attacks, the company offers DDoS protection.

Other notable security features include SSL Manager and ClamAV antivirus.

It also offers hosting from Bluehost, which is a good VPS provider in its own right.

It is slightly cheaper to use Bluehost through ResellerClub for their basic VPS plan. ResellerClub also introduced the fourth tier of Bluehost VPS offerings that could tip the scales in ResellerClub’s favour.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress has moved so far from its humble origins as a blogging engine that it has evolved into a complete Content Management System (CMS). Due to their popularity, web hosting providers cater to the needs of people looking to run WordPress sites.

ResellerClub currently offers four different WordPress hosting plans. It depends on the:

  • Number of sites supported
  • Maximum number of visits per month
  • Allocate resources, including CPU cores, RAM, and disk storage.
  • All plans also include SiteLock’s website security tool, automatic cloud backups, and unlimited email accounts.
  • ResellerClub also caches its WordPress pages for fast loading.

Plan levels

The plans for WordPress have many levels, just like the other offerings of the company, which include a different number:

  • Number of Cores
  • RAM
  • Storage space
  • Transfers.
  • If you are blogging with low traffic, you can get it at a lower tier.

Command-line interface
WP-CLI is also supported. As the name suggests, it is a command-line interface for WordPress.

They also provide SSH access for WordPress plans. This is an exciting approach as most providers only allow WordPress users to blog from their web panel.

No money-back guarantee

If you choose a WordPress hosting plan, you should know that the ResellerClub money-back guarantee does not apply.

If you need this guarantee, you must use the one-click version of WordPress on the cloud server.

No SSL certificates

The company does not offer an SSL certificate in their WordPress plans. The certificate must be purchased separately from the plan.

Since newer versions of Chrome mark regular HTTP (as opposed to HTTPS) as insecure, an SSL certificate is mandatory these days.

No SSL transmission

If you think you can only use an existing certificate, you are unfortunately wrong. You have to generate a certificate in your WordPress ResellerClub hosting panel.

Purchasing another SSL certificate will add additional costs to your hosting bill. You might want to think twice about your WordPress plan if it matters to you.

Select Servers

If you need a dedicated server, you can get one from ResellerClub.

ResellerClub offers four dedicated server options to choose from, starting at $ 63 per month.
You will make your choice based on the required number of CPU cores and resource capacity (including RAM, disk space, supported bandwidth and dedicated IP addresses), as with other ResellerClub plans.

Think Twice: VPS May Be Your Best Choice

As you know, VPS hosting today offers the benefits of a dedicated server without a fully dedicated server.

The device server must be connected, the operating system and software must be installed on it, and if you buy a server more than you need, you will stay with it until the contract expires.

However, the prices are competitive, although it is more expensive than a VPS. The stakes go up depending on how powerful the server you get.

Root access and server management

As with a VPS, you have full root access. But it may be needed infrequently. But unlike VPS plans, ResellerClub only offers fully managed dedicated servers.

ResellerClub will take care of the following, and you will take care of the rest:

  • Hardware
  • Network
  • Installing and managing cPanel
  • Strengthening the server.
  • Operating system
  • You have the choice of Linux or CentOS, just like their VPS plans.

If you want and need a server that you can just “set and forget” like an ad product and have money to spend, you might want to consider a dedicated server.

Reseller hosting Price

ResellerClub reseller hosting plans start at $ 10.99 per month, and there are currently four different plans to choose from.

All plans allow you to host unlimited websites, and R2 and higher plans come with a free WHMCS dashboard that makes it easy to manage your resale accounts.


  • Shared Hosting is preferred due to the low cost associated with it and the time is taken to go online with it is relatively very fast.
  • It’s very easy to maintain and has the ability to install all sorts of software with a one-click installer. It does have it’s own scalability issues and dependability is a concern.
  • VPS is very cost-effective and you can increase resource capabilities as your needs grow. It provides instant scalability, instant upgrades and often no reboots are required.
  • It allows software customizations with admin access and provides a quick migration facility. Disk I/O and host network connections can be bottlenecks that sometimes cause downtime.
  • Dedicated servers give powerful control of overall aspects of your hosting environment. It’s completely isolated providing better security and gives software and hardware customizations.
  • It’s quite expensive and inflexible because of the upfront cost and static resources.


  • Limited feature set
  • Some features require registration to view
  • SSL certificates are paid additionally
  • Windows hosting plans are somewhat limited
  • Dedicated servers are expensive.


Reseller Club, backed by Endurance International, offers affordable and reliable deals. If you can live without conveniences like fully managed VPS servers or live chat support, it might be worth considering.Some of the features other providers offer for free, like backups, offset some of the low prices from ResellerClub. Their business model is similar to that of a budget airline: low fares for orthopaedic services.