iDevAffiliate is an advertising and affiliate software solution that allows users to track their links posted on various affiliate websites to increase sales and expand the reach of their brand on the world wide web.

What is iDevAffiliate ?

iDevAffiliate is a cross-platform commission tracking and management software that allows users to manage their commission and payment structure more quickly and efficiently. It covers payment structures, activity reports, marketing templates, invoices, shopping carts, and more. It makes it easy for users to set their payout and commission structure and allows them to set commissions based on percentage, flat rate, recurrence, pay-per-click, pay-per-click, or pay-per-action. Users can also configure up to 100 primary and ten pay levels.

The monthly training subscription includes video training for affiliates, which allows them to generate more income. The software is available both as a proprietary license and a cloud solution that offers more flexibility and more options for users and businesses.

It allows them to set recurring, percentage-based, fixed PPC fees while allowing their users to set their commission and payment structure. Users also have the option to configure ten payment levels and up to a hundred basic levels.

Your monthly subscription also includes affiliate video training to learn how to generate more income. They offer a cloud-based solution and also a licensed proprietary type that offers flexibility and more options.


iDevAffiliate helps expand the existing sales force through affiliate members and businesses to increase sales, improve search engines, and increase traffic. Affiliates can also participate directly from their account and create unlimited campaigns with images and hashtags (#).

This affiliate tracking software is compatible with WordPress and can be integrated almost seamlessly with all other membership platforms and shopping carts like Optimize Press, WooCommerce, etc.

They also provide features that an affiliate would expect from a quality affiliate tracking program. They have US-based technical support, and their interface is stable and easy to use.

They cover startup, marketing, and reporting, customized with HTML and CSS templates, color schemes, language packs, and logos.idevaffiliate is a wordpress plugin.

Its fraud prevention covers many things like password encryption, commission account restriction, commission and account blocking, expiration tracking, and much more that helps reduce the possibility of any fraudulent actions.

Your users also can share many things with affiliates, such as banners, HTML ads, page peels, text ads, emails, videos, and more. Users can also design their payment structure and choose to do so based on percentage, fixed rate, pay per click, and pay per lead.

They can recruit ten affiliate marketers, making the business flexible to run their business more effectively. They also provide all the essential information from your reporting tools to ensure your customers are ahead, such as charts, print views, charts, PDF / CSV / and data reports in Excel.

The cloud plugin also has SEO links, language packs, social media marketing, QR code, geo-targeting, custom coupons, and unique settings.

How iDevAffiliate works?

iDevAffiliate consists of two main components, the admin centre and the partner control panel, which contain many features and tools that benefit the user/company, customers, and affiliates.

The software system admin centre is the part where users known as marketers can manage their affiliate program. This is where you set up and configure the affiliate program, including setting commissions, collecting payments, tracking statistics, etc.

The administration panel is specially designed for ease of use. It looks clean and comfortable. As a marketer or trader, this is the aspect of the software solution that you will spend most of your time on.

The panel consists of many options with various functions, including the system settings menu, the shopping cart integration menu, the general settings menu, the commission settings menu, and the template menu in the panel header area.

In the side menu of the dashboard, you will find the “Reports” function, which gives you various statistics related to the performance of your partners. There is also a partner function that allows you to manage everything related to your partners. You will also find the commission function, traffic history, marketing groups, marketing materials, and training materials in the sidebar menu.

The affiliate panel is a part of the solution, primarily intended for public display of the affiliate program. Here employees register for the program and receive all information about the opportunities available to them.

From this panel, affiliates can receive marketing materials such as banners, QR codes, text ads, HTML ads, email links, templates, page snippets, lightboxes and text links, and access to important transactions and revenue statistics. All affiliates will have access to all kinds of training materials, including videos, PDFs, documents, and other related guides.


  • Payment percentage and fixed price options
  • Committees
  • Pay-per-click, share-based, and pay-per-lead
  • Coupon code commissions
  • Recruitment Associate up to 10 layers
  • HTML / CSS templates
  • marketing
  • Share on social networks
  • Share Vimeo and YouTube
  • QR codes and banners
  • Email templates
  • Text Ads
  • peeled off the page
  • lightboxes
  • Tracking frequency
  • This expiration tracking is adjustable

IDevAffiliate Pricing Plans:

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iDevAffiliate Price

Cloud costs $39 per month

  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Unlimited Commissions
  • Up to 50,000 clicks (traffic) per month
  • SSL (https) Encryption
  • SEO Links
  • 28 Language Packs
  • Social Media Sharing

CLOUD TRAFFIC costs $59 per month

  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Unlimited Commissions
  • Up to 125,000 clicks (traffic) per month
  • SSL (https) Encryption
  • SEO Links
  • 28 Language Packs
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Custom Subdomain Parking Included!

CLOUD PREMIUM costs $79 per month

  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Unlimited Commissions
  • Up to 300,000 clicks (traffic) per month
  • SSL (https) Encryption
  • SEO Links
  • 28 Language Packs
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Custom Subdomain Parking Included!
  • Premium Support (first in line)

idevaffiliate support :

Our in-house central development team is located in the US (Pacific Time Zone). At your service, you’ll find great support articles in our support center, as well as hours of video tutorials. Of course, you also have the option to open a customer support ticket, and we’ll get your personalized attention from one of our dedicated support engineers idevaffiliate alternative.


Suppose you want to improve your sales and expand your target market by implementing an affiliate program on your website. In that case, iDevAffiliate can provide you with a powerful and easy-to-use affiliate advertising platform with all the features and functionality you need to manage your affiliate tracking Program .

IDevAffiliate FAQ

Does IDevAffiliate provide an API?

No, there is no API available for this service.

Does IDevAffiliate provide guides, tutorials, or customer support?

Support Provided: Frequently Asked Questions, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

Does IDevAffiliate offer multi-user capability (e.g., teams)?


Does IDevAffiliate integrate with other applications?

Integrates with many programs. Some of them are Bigcommerce, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Stripe, Paypal, Weebly, MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, etc.

What platforms does iDevAffiliate support?

This application can be hosted in the cloud or on the user’s site.

What are some of the apps commonly used with iDevAffiliate?

iDevAffiliate is mainly used with shopping cart apps and mailing list managers.

What is the use of iDevAffiliate in general?

This service is used to track affiliated companies.

Who are the main iDevAffiliate user groups?

The primary users of iDevAffiliate are providers of all sizes, as well as affiliates.