Podia Pricing Review

Podia is an excellent solution for anyone looking to sell information products online (such as online courses) quickly and easily, and its pricing structure reflects this.

The platform offers tools to help you create, manage, and grow your membership business.

If you are going to use Podia as a platform to create your course, you first need to do proper research on their different pricing plans, check out the features of each and make the most informed decision.

What is the best Podia plan for your company in 2022?

We break down the three Podia Pricing Plan available, focusing on the features and limitations of each. Several articles on Google talk about Podia’s preferential pricing in 2020. We’ve picked the latest prices for 2022, including the latest changes.

Podia Pricing Plan

As a starting point, here’s a quick summary:

  • The Mover plan at $39 a month
  • The Shaker plan at $79 a month
  • The Earthquaker plan at $179 a month

Each project can also be purchased with an annual payment that gives you a discount.

If you want to test the features, you can do so with the standard 14-day trial, which includes all Shaker feature plans and Podia integration. You don’t need to open your credit card details to access this typical trial.

Let’s start with the pricing details!

Podia Pricing : Motor Plan for $39/month ($32.50/month billed annually)

One of the main advantages of Podia is that it places no limits on the contacts or products you can sell. There is also no limit to the number of videos or files you post.

It is the most significant price difference between Podia and competitors like Kartra or Kajabi, which limit the number of products you sell and the contacts on your list.

Podia does not charge any transaction fees at any price level. However, you will be charged a payment processor fee such as Paypal or Stripe.

These features include drip courses (providing content by section), pre-sale systems, use of payment plans, course aggregation, full use of quizzes, and the ability to make sales.

You can also sell digital downloads such as ebooks, videos, and webinars (integrated with Youtube Live).

Regarding email marketing, there is no limit to the number of email subscribers at this entry price point, but you will be limited to the 5,000 emails you can send per month.

You can use your domain for your website, which means you are not tied to a Podia subdomain, such as example.podia.com. As noted earlier, there is no limit on the number of pages.

Creating a community on your domain will be limited to 1000 community members using the engine plan. It must also be a free community and cannot be behind a paywall. These limits are reduced in the shaker category.

In the Community Center, you can create topics to engage your audience. In the price category of the engine, you have a maximum of 15 themes.

If you would like to add a team member with separate login details, please note that this will cost you an additional $20 per month.

Podia Pricing : Mover Plan for $79/month ($65.80/month billed annually)

Sales training sessions become available at the engine plan level. At this level, you can sell an unlimited number of workouts.

Podia also adds the ability to issue course completion certificates to students upon course completion, which helps keep students interested.

A built-in cash register has also become available. You can create a buy button and place it anywhere on your product page, meaning visitors can buy without leaving it.

Podia adds a paid community option to this tier so you can post content behind the paywall.

The maximum level of community members has been increased to 15,000, and you can add an unlimited number of community topics instead of 15 with the engine’s pricing plan.

The Podia affiliate marketing platform is also available at this level. With a few clicks, you can set up your affiliate program and invite your audience to promote your products for a commission.

You can set custom commission amounts or use a site-wide commission structure, and Podia automatically process payments.

The number of emails you can send per month goes up to 15,000 under the Shaker plan category, and you can also remove brands from all pages at that level. You can learn more about each feature in our Podia review.

Podia Pricing : Earthquaker plan for $179/month ($141.16/month billed annually)

Podia is increasing the community membership limit to 100,000 at the Earthquaker level and the monthly email-sending limit to 50,000.

Login access for 5 team members (team seats) is also included in this level.

Customer support is improved at this level. You can have a personalized introductory call to speed up the migration process and a permanent support agent to answer all your questions as your business grows.

This level hosts monthly coaching sessions with other Earthquaker members where you can share tips and strategies to grow your business.

As a consultant, I have personally used almost every course builder – Thinkific, Teachable, Kajabi, LearnDash – but when it came time to choose a course builder for my program, I decided on Podia. In this review, I’ll tell you why so you can determine if it’s right for you.

Podia Pricing : What types of products can you create with Podia?

With Podia, you can create and sell a variety of web products, including:

  • Online Lessons : If you’re interested in creating masterclass-style course content, Podia allows you to host as much digital content (files and videos) as you want (they use Wistia as their video host, which can cost you $99/month if you use Wistia outside of Podia).
  • View payment and sales plan to increase your conversion rate and cart value:
    Maximize customer engagement with quizzes, drip content, and engage with students with comments (you can disable comments if you don’t want to)
    Podia even lets you download videos in 4K resolution. So, if you’ve watched the great commercials for Gordon Ramsay or Martin Scorsese’s masterclasses and have been looking for ways to improve your video quality, Podia has you covered.
  • Digital Downloads :
    Podia is also great for content creators who create written or audio content. You can use the platform to sell eBooks, audiobooks, PDFs, cheat sheets, checklists, and other one-time downloads.
  • Community Membership :
    As the previous owner of a subscription fund, I can tell you that charging a recurring fee can be difficult. But that’s another thing you can do with Podia, allowing you to expand memberships that include content and discussions.
  • Webinars and training :
    Want to sell a live event (like a group session or a 1×1 training call)? Podia offers Zoom and YouTube Live integration so that you can charge for these shows.

In addition, creating and editing products in Podia is very easy – you need little technical experience.

  1. For all these three plans, you can save an impressive amount by paying annually.
    So if you plan to use Podia for at least a full year, it is wise to think about it.
  2. Podia does not charge transaction fees for your sales.
    Some course creation platforms offer lower prices than Podia. But if you read the detailed text, you will know that in addition to the subscription price, they also take a percentage of your sales as a commission (often 5-10%).

In a recent startup I managed through my consulting business; this fine print could cost my client close to $12,000.

Fortunately, with Podia, they only spend $39 a month.

So, if you are considering another platform, consider and account for the transaction fees to ensure that you actually get out.

(Note: The fees I discussed above are separate from the credit card or payment processor fees you may incur with each sale.)

  1. Podia Pricing offers a free trial but is not a free plan.
    Some Podia alternatives offer a “free” plan with limited features. I quote “free” because free plans often charge a transaction fee on any of your sales (sometimes up to 10%). While Podia offers a 14-day free trial, it does not have a free plan.


If you want to create a Course Builder account now
But you don’t plan to use an email marketing tool or Podia site builder.
And you don’t plan to sell anything yet.
You may want to consider Podia alternatives. Just remember that once you start selling something, there’s a good chance you’ll be charged commissions on every sale and running on a limited set of features – unless you upgrade to a higher tier plan which will likely cost more than Podia and what gone away. It has fewer features.

Podia Pricing :Pros

  • Podia Pricing is one of the most versatile online marketing platforms in existence.
  • You can use it as a digital showcase for online courses, digital downloads, paid webinars, membership sites, and even training sessions.
  • You can also use podia pricing for email marketing, website design, drip campaigns, and affiliate program management.
  • Not only is it suitable for beginners, but it also saves a lot on the cost of running an online business.
  • In comparison, if you do email marketing with the popular ConvertKit platform and have a list of 5,000 people, you can spend about $79 per month on email marketing alone.
  • With Podia Pricing, you can have up to 5,000 subscribers on their lower tier plan (Engine plan) for $39/month, including most of the email marketing features listed above, such as creating and selling online courses.

Podia Pricing :Cons

  • No separate community options
  • Missing some customization options
  • While their support team is excellent via email and live chat, there is no phone support.
  • It cannot add certificates, tasks, etc.
  • No free plan

Podia Pricing : Integrations

Podia Pricing has native integration but more functionality when combined with Zapier.

You can connect Podia Pricing to other platforms using Zapier. When you make a sale, get a new email subscriber, get a new membership subscription, and when someone unsubscribes from membership, you can send all that data to other platforms like:

  • MailChimp
  • active campaign
  • drip
  • Shopify
  • Samkart
  • conversion kit
  • ClickFunnels
  • ribbon
  • Miller light

This list does not include all but only some of the most common. These integrations help you add people to other platforms and email lists, subscribe clients to membership plans, and subscribe to a product.


The Podia Pricing Mover plan contains everything you need to start selling digital products and courses.

Podia Pricing will even handle your email marketing and allow you to host your webinars directly on the platform.

If you’re ready to take it to the next level, you’ll probably want to upgrade to their Shaker plan, which includes powerful marketing features like built-in buy buttons and affiliate program management.

Or especially if you want to create a membership community for your growing audience.

Either way, Podia Pricing will take care of all the severe and technical work, so you can focus your time on what you need to do and build great products. To get update information follow my social media.

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