If you use a WordPress website, search engine optimization is relatively easy. Many free and premium SEO plugins are available in the market for optimizing WordPress content. Yoast SEO and All In One SEO are popular among them.

Rank Math Lifetime is free and has been downloaded over a million times. Until recently, they dominated the industry without much competition, but now they have a serious competitor.

Math Ranking for SEO. SEO plugin from MyThemeShop. Released in 2019, it has become a favourite of WordPress editors in no time because of its advanced features and built-in tools. In 2020, the developer introduced a premium version of Rank Math Lifetime with additional features.

Today we will take a closer look at Rank Math Lifetime SEO.

Rank Math Lifetime SEO is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. It’s fast and easy. The plugin offers module-based tools to activate only the features you need.

From on-page SEO to traffic analytics and posting redirects, Rank Math can do a lot more on your WordPress site. It can optimize your pages for a maximum number of keywords to get higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Integrating with Google Search Console and Google Analytics allows you to track content traffic from WordPress.

Image SEO is another feature of Rank Math lifetime SEO. It can automatically insert alt and title tags for your images to get more traffic from search engines. Rank Math Lifetime can also detect 404 errors on your site and redirect them to other internal pages to improve your SEO. It supports more than 20 charts, including custom charts, FAQs, implementation methods, and more, to improve content visibility and page hits.

Rank Math Lifetime Pricing:

Free & Pro ($59/yr)

Rank Math Lifetime Feature guides

  • Unlimited sites
  • SEO on page
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • chart generator
  • 18+ chart templates
  • Custom Diagram Builder
  • Schema encoding importer
  • video diagram
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • google trends
  • site maps
  • Local search engine optimization
  • WooCommerce SEO
  • Bulk Publication Editor
  • Top-performing keywords and messages
  • Worst-performing keywords and posts
  • Position date
  • schema checker
  • social identification
  • Web Expert Verification Tools
  • Canonical URL
  • Internal link offers
  • Google Adsense earnings history
  • redirect
  • Page speed tracking for posts and pages
  • Track the SEO performance of individual posts
  • File editor for editing .htaccess and robot.txt files
  • bread crumb adjuster
  • role manager
  • Facebook exclusive group
  • 24/7 customer support

Rank Math lifetime SEO has a clean and intuitive dashboard. Displays all tools as modules that can be switched on. It makes your installation light and easy to manage.

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For example, if you don’t sell products through a website, you don’t need to enable the Woocommerce module. You can use the same method for Local SEO and video sitemaps.

Switch between Simple and Advanced modes in the upper right corner to access various Rank Math SEO features from one place. Open the unit settings to manage each tool separately. The plugin has an elegant look and feels that will make you addicted to the tool.

Rank Math lifetime SEO is easy to set up. Upon activation, a step-by-step wizard will help you set up the plugin. It will cover the following,

  • Choose or upload a default website logo.
  • Select or upload a standard photo to share on social media
  • Connect to Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google AdSense.
  • Enable Google Analytics Reporting by Email (Weekly)
  • Enable and configure the Sitemap, Google News Sitemap, and Video Sitemap.
  • Basic SEO settings (archives and external links)
  • Set user role capabilities
  • Activate page redirects and track 404s
  • Enable and configure chart types for each post type
  • You can manage these things in the plugin settings at any time. Rank Math will automatically insert the Analytics tracking code into your theme files. So you can insert it manually or install the Google Analytics plugin.

Rank Math lifetime SEO analyzes your content as it’s written to ensure it’s readable and SEO friendly. It displays the results with a ranking system to give you an idea of ​​your chances of ranking.

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There are four sections: SEO Basics, Advanced, Heading Readability, and Content Reading. Try to get as many green tags as possible in these sections to improve your SEO ranking. Consider the following points to score 100/100 on the Rank Math SEO test and rank higher in the SERPs:

  • Use the focus keyword in your SEO title, meta description, URL, and first paragraph of content.
  • Use the main focus in translation and alternate image attributes.
  • Add at least one link to a trusted website with the dofollow attribute.
  • Insert internal links as needed (Dofollow)
  • URL Shortener
  • Add a strong word (“best”, “best”, “complete”, etc.) and a number in the title.
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use photos and videos
  • Keyword density should be between 1-2
  • Avoid overuse of keywords
  • Use Multiple Keyword Combinations
  • Rank Math SEO supports Gutenberg editor, classic editor, Elementor and Divi for SEO content optimization. It also allows you to set different titles and descriptions for search engines and social networks.

Creating unique titles for blog posts and search snippets will help you fix Google’s optimization warnings. For example, if you’re using Semrush, you might find a duplicate H2 header warning in your SEO audit report. Choose your title for search engines to correct the situation and attract more visitors.

Rank Math lifetime SEO connects to Google Search Console to keep track of your rankings, indexing issues, and XML sitemaps. It will tell you how many keywords are in the top 100 positions and how much traffic they generate together.

Find the keywords that suit you best. Consider regularly updating relevant content with the latest information to improve traffic. With the Rank Math plugin, you don’t need to log into Search Console every time to access your traffic information.

Rank Math Lifetime Conclusion

Rank Math SEO is an all-in-one WordPress plugin for SEO, Google Analytics, site tracking, and more. It will help you find popular keywords, improve the content and manage traffic from the convenient WordPress dashboard.

From blogs to high-end WooCommerce stores, they are perfect for all websites. Rank Math has built-in modules for optimizing local business listings, e-commerce product pages, online courses, and more. Supports more than 840 chart types to create rich results for articles, videos, recipes, and more.

With Rank Math, you don’t need other SEO tools to track the ranking of your sites. Pulls data from Google Search Console and Analytics to display differences with up to 6 months of placement history. It also allows you to track the performance of an individual post in terms of keyword ranking and page traffic.

Another feature of this plugin is page speed analysis. It gives you an idea of ​​how fast your pages can load on desktop and mobile devices. If it loads slowly, it optimizes the images and text to improve performance.

Rank Math SEO is an unparalleled plugin for optimizing your WordPress site and increasing its search rankings. Easy to set up and lightweight. They have fast, 24/7 customer support to answer your queries and complaints. If you have any questions, please submit them via tickets, and the support manager will answer them in a friendly manner.

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