Welcome to our Sendinblue review. Starting out as a transactional email service, SendInBlue has now become a full email marketing platform. What’s the difference?

Well, originally you would perhaps just use SendInBlue as the service which simply sends transactional emails,such as order confirmation, once someone has bought something from your online store, for example.

Now, though, you can also use SendInBlue to create email marketing campaigns with their new drag and drop editor, and at a pretty reasonable price too.

What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue enables businesses to build and grow relationships through email campaigns, transactional emails, SMS messages, marketing automation, Facebook ads, live chat, CRM, and ad retargeting.

What makes us different?

Our modularity allows each company to create its marketing mechanism with all the necessary tools at an affordable price.

Create mobile-friendly emails

Use our responsive design tools to create beautiful, actionable emails with ease.

Using advanced designs

Do you want to use your HTML? Just paste this. Our build tools make design easy for both experienced and new users.

Scheduling and automation

Start your campaign now or schedule it later. Create automated campaigns to send welcome emails and order confirmations.


You can also pre-test deliverability before submitting campaigns to see if your email gets into your inbox.


SendinBlue integrates with list-building plugins like Privy, OptinMonster, and PlugMatter, making it easy to display pop-ups at checkout and automatically send email addresses to your SendinBlue account. Connect SendinBlue to your e-commerce, CMS, and other apps, including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, Zapier, and more.

Clear and complete reports

View your results in real-time or at any time. Your glasses history is saved and ready to export! Use a heatmap to see the areas of your campaign where contacts are most likely to interact.

The statistics you need

View reports on open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, or create your metrics to follow.

Google Analytics

Want to track traffic sources to your website? Integrate SendinBlue with Google Analytics and track traffic associated with your email campaigns.



  • 300 emails per day
  • Unlimited number of contacts

Lite – from $ 25 per month

  • Everything is free
  • From 10,000 emails to 100,000 emails
  • No shipping restrictions
  • Email support
  • A / B. Test
  • Remove the Sendinblue logo
  • Extended statistics

Premium – from $ 65 per month

  • Everything in the light
  • 20,000 to 1,000,000 emails
  • Marketing automation
  • Facebook and retargeting ads
  • landing pages
  • Multi-user access
  • Phone support

Enterprise: Custom

  • Custom email size
  • Send priority
  • More than 20 landing pages
  • Reach over ten users
  • SSO
  • Account Manager
  • Priority support

SendInBlue have one of the lowest entry price-points of the email tools we’ve tested so far, with a generous free plan and the ability to send up to 40,000 emails a month for under $8.

Who should use it?

Sendinblue is aimed at small and medium businesses looking to improve the effectiveness of their existing marketing efforts. It is a comprehensive system more suitable for transactions or emails, newsletters, and SMS interactions.

The system can be configured for tiny businesses, from 5+ people to corporate organizations.

The pricing structure is based on this scalability and provides more features the more you pay.

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Advertising Mailer

You can import email lists, create emails from templates, or use the drag-and-drop editor to create your emails. There is a handy send timer that you can use to improve the delivery time of your marketing emails to get the best results.

Sendinblue offers a step-by-step guide to setting up marketing campaigns, adding leads, and managing each element of your campaigns for new users. There are also email drag and drop tools that make it easy to create your emails.

Sendinblue compares well to Drip or ConvertKit here.

SMS Marketing
SMS marketing complements the functionality of email by providing the ability to interact with your audience at the right time. You can create promotional messages in CRM, maintain your contact list, and send SMS messages when appropriate.

And all this while tracking the post.

This option is not even available in MailChimp, Drip, and ConvertKit.

Marketing automation
Marketing automation is one of those terms that very little is ever said.

In SendinBlue, this means the ability to send automated emails thanking users for signing up, order confirmation emails, regular subscriber coupon codes, and even birthday greetings.

You have to set up a campaign, set a trigger like a register an email or order confirmation, add a delay, create an email, and let the system do the rest.
Transactional emails
Transactional emails are email messages that are sent as part of some interaction.

This could be a password reset request on a website, order confirmation, registration confirmation, or something else. SendinBlue can manage all types of email notifications and lets you create templates for any occasion.

SendinBlue’s cloud-based CRM is straightforward to use.

You can import, manage, update and securely store your contacts. You can create different lists for email, SMS, and social networks and make the most of the potential of each of them.

There is also a command variant where you can delegate tasks to team members and keep track of everything in Sendinblue.

Subscription Forms

Data collection is vital in marketing, and SendinBlue makes it easy.
Not only does it manage customer data in your CRM, but it also allows you to create registration forms on the platform to publish on your website. This feature uses a simple design tool that you can use to overlay forms into your designs and then collect data in your CRM.

It is a significant area where Sendinblue is much better than MailChimp, Drip, or ConvertKit. The platform makes it easy to design registration forms and then collect and store customer data securely in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Deploying these forms requires a little practice but is otherwise very effective.

Landing Pages
Landing pages are essential marketing tools for any business because they provide an effective conversion path to achieve your stated goal. SendinBlue uses a simple tool to help you create effective landing pages using templates or a drag-and-drop page builder. You act as a host of these pages on your website and track the metrics as they are published.

Despite its strength, SendinBlue lags slightly behind the competition in this area. We’ve found that customizing and deploying to a custom domain is more complex and challenging to achieve than ConverKit. Given how easy the rest of the platform is to use, this was more difficult than it should have been.

Facebook Ads
For some companies, Facebook ads are more effective than Google or any other PPC method.
SendinBlue has integrated the Facebook Ads feature, which uses familiar tools to create ads, place ads, and keep track of everything that happens. You can target your existing contacts with important messages or uses.

How is Sendinblue different from Aweber?

Aweber is another solid competitor for Sendinblue with many of the same email marketing tools. Aweber does not offer chat ads, SMS messages, Facebook ads, landing pages, time-optimizing emails, and social media marketing elements.

Aweber mainly targets email and does an excellent job of it. Sendinblue is a more versatile platform aimed at small businesses and less experienced users and offering more interaction options.

Pros and Cons

All products have strengths and weaknesses, and it’s helpful to know what’s going on before making a purchase. Here’s what we think Sendinblue is doing well and what is not.


  • Strong points of Sendinblue:
  • CRM is by far the best of its kind that we have ever seen.
  • They are designed to be easy to use and manage.
  • You can stick to the basics or dive deeper into campaigns.
  • Hiking can be attributed to the ninth degree.
  • SMS, chat, and social media add new interactions.
  • The price is affordable for any business.


Areas where Sendinblue can perform the best include:

  • Integration with a landing page is not an easy task.
  • The initial registration form is required but does not fully explain it.
  • There aren’t as many integration options as some of the competition.
  • Three hundred emails a day is not much for a free plan.

Once inside, you have the choice of marketing,transactional, and (if you’ve activated it)automation. If you click on transactional, it gives you the information necessary to set up SendinBlue as your email sender with SMTP and API settings.

There’s also a section that allows you to track emails and see if they’ve been delivered or opened, for example.

Marketing takes you to the dashboard, which gives you information on past campaigns, opens, clicks and blacklisted users.

From here we can create a new campaign. Once you choose a campaign name and subject,you choose a sender email, and then you can create a custom sender name that your recipients will see.

If you click on the advanced settings on the side, you can choose some extra default and customization options.

You can then choose a new, fully responsive template, or use HTML to custom-build your own.

Any saved templates are also availableto be used. You begin with a basic template, but there are also other pre-designed options you can choose at the top.

The templates themselves aren’t too bad, with relatively modern options available. Let’s choose this one.

On the left you have the email elements, which you can drag and drop to add to the main section. Compared to other editors, the number of elements here is a little lacking, but it has the basics.

You can easily move sections, duplicate them,or choose other options depending on the element highlighted.

And placing your own media is pretty simple too. It even comes with its own image editor that might come in handy for some.

Save and quit once you’re happy with the content. Send a test email, to begin with, and then you can perform a free inbox test (which can take upwards of 15 minutes) showing you if the email gets through various client’s spam filters.

There is also a browser preview available,giving you both mobile device and email client previews.This is a part of Digital Marketing.

You may find that some preview time-out, though, and it takes at least as long as the inbox test. It’s worth noting that both of these features are not only simple to perform, but also free.

With some other tools you may have to pay separately for these features. Once you’re done, choose your list and send away.

You of course have the option to schedule it too.If you have access to marketing automation, then you will have a third option available above your account page.

Let’s have a quick look at what’s on offer. You’re given some Javascript code to place on a page that you want to track an action on, which can be as simple as a visit to the page by a subscriber.

This action is what you then focus your automation around. Your dashboard here is the ‘Scenarios’page, where you can see all your automations.

Let’s create a new scenario. You can create these from scratch or startwith recommended scenarios. Using our example, let’s set up one for a page visit.

First you choose the web address, then the email template that will be triggered when someone visits this address. You can also decide upon the time to wait before sending the email, for example 1 day .

Once you’ve created this scenario you can edit it any time, and see how many people have started, or finished, this process.SendinBlue has enough features for the average user, and when you take into account their pricing it can seem pretty attractive.

For the lower pricing tiers, they offer a pretty good bang for your buck. With their clean approach, it’s quite easy to get your head around the system, even if you’re a beginner.

While there could still be some improvements, it’s mostly intuitive design. It’s nice to see an automation service that is easily navigable.

Whilst it appears to be slightly less advanced when compared to,say, ActiveCampaign’s automation, there are enough functions to satisfy most businesses.

Perhaps due to the fact that SendinBlue began as a transactional email service, the marketing tools, specifically the newsletter editor,could do with a bit more polishing.

The process of building a newsletter can be frustrating due to niggling user experience issues.

While SendinBlue does offer several integration options with other applications, they can’t compete with the likes of other tools such as GetResponse.

As mentioned above, while SendinBlue offerenough tools for the average user, it’s still missing a few of the more advanced features such as A/B testing and different access levels for team members.

If so you can give us a like! If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave us a comment.


Considering Sendinblue’s feature set, it is clear that they are “getting” email marketing. They’ve included some brilliant options to help marketers improve their email campaigns, including advanced email automation, segmentation, personalization, landing pages, and forms designed to boost conversions.

While its automation features might not be enough to topple giants like ActiveCampaign, it’s just around the corner. See how Mailchimp compares in this comparison.

Sendinblue not only offers a generous free plan with paid rates ranging from $ 25 for up to 10,000 emails, but it is also one of the cheapest providers on the market.

As far as features go, it’s undeniable that Sendinblue is impressive. If you’re curious about what they have to offer you after reading this Sendinblue review, try it out on the free plan to see if you like it. Our best advice? Who knows, you might enjoy sophisticated marketing automation on a tight budget?