VidIQ help you to grow your channel’s subscribers.So how do you optimize the metadata of your YouTube videos and you appear on the first page of keyword search terms irrespective of channel size? Well that’s what we’re going to deep dive on right now.

If this is your first time here we are the YouTube tool and channel that aims help you get more views in less time and today we’re looking at how a small channel can capitalise on a niche area to have a breakthrough videos.

VidIQ, if you don’t know, is just a download,it’s like a plugin type of thing that you must have if you’re a video marketer, because YouTube is too competitive right now to just put out just random videos that aren’t optimized.

What is VidIQ ?

VidIQ is a powerful YouTube video marketing tool that offers many features to help you get more views and rank your videos. You can subscribe to VidIQ for free.

When you register and verify your YouTube account, VidIQ asks you questions about your channel to set up your account. After that, you will have access to several functions:

  • One user and channel. In the free version, you are limited to one YouTube channel. Of course, you can upload as many videos as you like to one track.
    Audience demographics. Find out information about your subscribers: age, gender, location, and other data.
  • Track 3 competitors. Tracking your competition is an essential aspect of YouTube marketing. VidIQ provides many tools to let you know what others are doing in your industry or area.
  • Basic video analytics (for Web Suite). You can access the real-time statistics panel that gives you the latest views, minutes viewed, subscribers, and other vital statistics.
  • Video recording card for Chrome extension. Watch your VidIQ rating to see at a glance how your videos are performing.
  • One trend is warnings with disabilities. Trending alerts give you valuable insight into what topics to cover in your videos.
  • While you have limited options with the free version, you can get some real benefits with easy access to analytics and video recording map. It also gives you a good understanding of the platform and can help you decide if you want to upgrade.

Simple question then,which of your subscribers has the most subscribers themselves? I’m gonna show you how to answer that in just 60 seconds.


There are many paid plans for VidIQ. In each project, you have specific options that determine the price. For example, you can choose more channels and videos for your keyword system with the Boost plan. Pro plan from $ 7.50 / month includes:

  • One user and channel.
  • Track 6 competitors.
  • One direction of notification.
  • Most Popular Videos. Find out which videos are prevalent in your niche to cover the most popular topics.
  • The best tweets for videos. Twitter videos can go mainstream.

Historical analysis. See how your videos (yours or those of your competitors) have evolved.
The VidIQ Pro plan is suitable for small and medium businesses, including agencies that do marketing on behalf of customers who want to get more value from their video marketing efforts. Many features also save time by automating important tasks. Ability to track many competitors

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How VidIQ helps you get more views?

Have you ever watched videos with millions of views and wondered how popular they are? There are several possibilities:

Paid advertising

If you spend enough money, you can always get traffic. You can promote your videos using YouTube ads (part of Google AdWords) or other advertising platforms. However, for 99% of people, this is a disadvantageous option due to the high cost.

Send your current audience to your channel.

A public figure with a large following (be it a TV show, movie, sports, or business) can open up a YouTube channel tomorrow and start getting many views.
As soon as he is mentioned on any platform, he already has. A big brand is also in this position. Most people don’t have that luxury.
Some YouTube users have worked hard for many years to create a successful channel. They may have used a combination of advertising, email marketing, or video SEO.

SEO is your best strategy if you are a “regular” person (i.e., not very famous or influential) or represent a small/medium business on a tight budget. The problem is that it can take a lot of time and effort to do it manually.

There is also a very steep learning curve and the need to keep up with the latest Google / YouTube algorithms. VidIQ is short, a way to quickly improve your videos to achieve more organic reach in less time and without the need for SEO or technical knowledge.

All right then, you should know the drill by now. From any YouTube desktop page, click your profile image at the top right-hand corner of the screen and go to the YouTube Studio,and on this dashboard screen, you should find exactly what you’re looking for via the subscriber’s panel.

So click the see all link to jump into the dedicated popup subscriber screen. It’s already sorted by the most subscribed channels who are subscribers to you over the last 90 days, but what you can do is click the time period box and change it to lifetime and voila, these are literally your biggest YouTube fans.

But not necessarily your most important ones. Alternatively, if you wanted to see your oldest public subscriber to the channel, you can click on the date subscribed column.

We actually did this in a previous tutorial and took the time to say thank you to that channel for being our longest serving subscriber.

When it comes to communication,I am not necessarily saying that you go up to these super huge channels and request collaborations.

That’s probably going to seem a little bit spammy, and the chances are those channels aren’t going to see your messages since they get so many, but the fact that larger channels are subscribing to your channel does suggest the perceived value that you have in your content.

So one of the things you could do is add these channels to the VidIQ competitor tool where you can keep a tab on what they’re doing if you don’t normally subscribe to those channels.

Then at if any point in the future, your content aligns with that channel, you could join the conversation in that video or add your own thoughts in your own video and you may get a little bit of attention from it.

A few extra points of interest in the subscriber panel, you can of course subscribe back to any of these channels directly from this page.

Each of the channels listed here are clickable, so you can jump straight to their home page, and you can increase the number of channels that are seen per page and navigate through the list here at the bottom.

Now, when I talk about these tools, I always like to offer youtube some upgrades, and here are a couple I’d like to see in the future.

I would like to know how many subscribers have both subscribed to my channel and the channel that is subscribed tome, as that may reflect some really interesting audience cross over, and also just because I’m a little nerdy about these things, I would like to know the total number of subscribers from all of the channels that are subscribed to me.

I know it would probably be a huge, whopping, great number that doesn’t mean anything, but I just love that type of stuff, and of course if you’ve got any suggested improvements, I’d love to see the min the comments below.

Until YouTube make those improvements, VidIQ has a little something that might be of help. Click the IQ button in your extension shelf and go to subscriber insights.

This tool takes a samplesize of your subscribers and shows you who they are subscribing to, what videos they are engaging with, and when they are most active on YouTube.

The ultimate goal of allof this information is to help you, the video creator,get a better understanding of your target audience.

Who are they? What do they watch? And when do they watch it on YouTube? And let’s be honest, whodoesn’t like a little bit of a vanity boost?

Someone who has a bigger channel than yours subscribing to you. That does feel good, doesn’t it?

Affiliate program

VidIQ has an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a way to make money by sending visitors (traffic) to a website and converting sales. It pays a recurring commission of up to 25 percent for each sale, depending on how many sales the affiliate has made. The program is a great way to earn passive income.


  • Easy to implement, connect to your existing YouTube account
  • SEO finds the best keywords for your content based on extensive data analysis and YouTube search trends.
    Provide personalized attention at scale with advanced comment editing tools, identify your biggest fans and reach out to them on YouTube and Twitter.
  • The Google Analytics dashboard allows you to quickly assess your YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter channel performance.
  • Select keywords that millions of potential viewers are looking for but no content, and fill in the empty field with content.
  • Manage multiple YouTube channels, invite team members, and set role permissions


VidIQ is one of the best YouTube creation tools on the market. It contains a wide range of functions to support essential areas of channel development and video optimization. It also regularly adds new features to its lineup. While its Chrome browser extension is much better than its web program, both applications are easy to use and valuable.

VidIQ does a great job with analytics and data, research and understanding of competitors, and prevention of demonic trading. Various keyword research tools dramatically increase your chances of being on the first page of YouTube search results. Its search and management capabilities make it easy to find high-level terms to implement. Thus, VidIQ is a great partner to support your SEO strategy and increase your visibility, visibility, and views.

VidIQ does not have a mobile app. However, many YouTube users are likely to be working from their computers, so it doesn’t matter. I would like to see more options for managing comments and editing groups, but I’m unsure if users will enjoy these features.