Social media is a vital part of your online business. Whether you are a casual blogger or a full-time professional blogger, you need to be active on social media to grow your business brand.

One of the easy ways to get more public attention is by sharing your content and encouraging your blog readers to share it. And Snap Social will make that task easier.

This article will share a review of Social Snap, a plugin that I have been using for a month now. You will see if it is just a social media plugin.

Social Snap Review

First of all, it has more features and a more robust backend than Social Warfare, a modern social media plugin. Let’s see why Social Snap is a powerful plugin for your social needs.

Social Snap Review : What is a social Snap?

Social Snap is easy to use and one of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress users that helps you add social media buttons, social media tracking tags, twitter clicks, and other features to your website.

Demand for a resource-intensive social sharing plugin had surged recently when one of the plugins (Social Warfare) started having persistent problems and then was suddenly hacked, leaving thousands if not millions of sites at risk.

It was then that everyone, including myself, began to look for an alternative to the colonial war.

It was hard to find a perfect alternative (because Social Warfare was so good that it had almost no effect on site speed and performance), but it’s not impossible.

Social Snap helps add share buttons, follow buttons, click tweet boxes, and more to your WordPress blog.

Snap Social is for you if you, like me, are interested in design.

It was designed with speed and performance in mind. It means that it will not slow down your site no matter what. Many other plugins, including Shareaholic, have severe performance issues that lead to slow download speeds once they are enabled.

Social Snap Review : Social Snap features

Let’s check out some of the features and how they stand up to the competition. I’m going to talk about the features that come with the pro version of Social Snap when I contacted the team and got a test license to test all the add-ons and the other premium features.

  • Mission : Social Snap comes with many features, the most notable of which are:
  • Multiple Share Button Formats : You can choose from various share button layouts, including floating, on media, Pinterest pin, pinned widget, floating bar, below content, or above content. According to the development team, I found out that they will also add share popup buttons.
  • Multiple button styles : You don’t have to stick to one or two designs; Social Snap comes with four different styles of share buttons. Depending on your taste, you can change to diagonal, round, rectangular, or regular buttons. I am using circular here.
  • Auto Social Poster (loads old posts) : The automatic social sharing feature is one of my favorites in Social Snap. It allows you to automatically share your content with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It happens every time you post new posts and old posts without even touching anything.
  • Social login : You can enable this if you allow users to log into your website using their social media accounts such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin accounts. A handy feature for membership and guest sites.
  • Click to tweet boxes. : Social Snap comes with built-in tweet boxes that you can use to create tweet text boxes. You can easily create and view them in the WordPress editor using the shortcode button. The Gutenberg editor is also compatible.
  • Track the number of shares : While most plugins use API-based inventory tracking, Social Snap has the added benefit of using click tracking in addition to the API. Using both will ensure that you do not miss a single exchange. You can recover the number of lost shares, which is useful when moving from HTTP to HTTPS or changing the domain name.
  • Open paragraph : An indented paragraph is a must these days. And this plugin has. Facebook and Twitter use this to embed large images and meta maps of shared links. You can also add custom photos for Facebook and Twitter and control how they look when someone shares them directly from your editor.
  • Analytics : Social Snap stores and displays a share stats report so you can see how many shares you’ve received on each social network in a given period. So far, this is my favorite feature. I used Monarch, Social Warfare, and just about all the premium plugins, but none of them had a functional analytics panel.

Most of my posts come from Buffer, Social Analytics Data.
These were the most exciting features that Social Snap has. There is more, including:

  • Multiple styles of social media buttons
  • Shortcode support
  • Gutenberg blocks support
  • Manual placement
  • Ability to hide share buttons in specific posts.
  • Support for custom post types

With all that, it makes an excellent deal for every user level. By using their follow buttons, you can encourage your visitors to follow you on every social network you are on. It supports more than 30 social networks, so you can easily find what you like best.

Snap Social Pricing:

There is a free version.This Social Snap review will focus entirely on the Pro version and its add-ons. But there is a limited free version on if it fits your budget.

You have several options if you want access to all the premium features.

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Social Snap Price

First, there’s the $39 Plus plan. This plan allows you to access all Pro features on one side but does not include add-ons. So there is no auto sticker, social media log in, etc.

If you need add-ons, there are two plans:

  • Pro – $99 – Used in 3 locations.
  • Agency – $299 – Used at 15 locations.

1) Plus Plan
Plus starts at $39 per year and can be used in one location. So with social media add-ons, you will not be able to use social login. Boost old posts, Facebook messenger chat, social content sticker, and auto locker.

Since this is the cheapest Plan, I find it ideal for aspiring bloggers who need a decent social media sharing plugin and budget.

2) Professional Plan
The Professional Plan is the most popular and starts at $99 per year. The plugin can be used on up to five sites, and as far as features go, you get all the features included in the plus plan, plus access to all add-ons.

The Pro plan is ideal for small businesses and professional bloggers who run multiple sites and are looking for a social media sharing plugin.

3) Agency plan
The Agency plan is the company’s latest Plan and starts at $299 per year. All functions are identical to the Professional Plan; the difference is only in the number of sites the plugin can use – 15.

The Agency plan is ideal for developers and large companies managing clients.

Pros and cons of social Snap

Let’s quickly analyze all the pros and cons of the tool.


  • Over 30 social networks.
  • Device targeting
  • Social Snap extensions help you increase social media traffic.
  • Advanced analytics gives you a complete view of all your social metrics.
  • You can recover all lost shares almost instantly.
  • Customize and place social media buttons anywhere on your site.
  • Disable buttons on specific pages.


  • I wanted to define different social media buttons for different sites.

What is the difference between the premium version and the free version of Social Snap?

The free version of Social Snap is a reasonably large plugin that includes many features. These include things like –

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Mix buttons.
  • Share via email.
  • Print and copy the link.
  • Show off the number of individual shares or the total number of shares.
  • Editable share button labels.
  • Show button options for mobile devices.
  • Possibility to show more networks (popup window).
  • Multiple button positions in content, including manual mode with a shortcode.
  • Floating sidebar buttons.
  • Of course, and course, with premium (paid) versions, you get access to all of the above, over 30 additional co-providers, and five sites.

But this is only the beginning. You also get access to a host of additional tools such as stock count recovery, analytics integration, URL shortening, open graph, Twitter cards, custom photo sharing, social meta, tap to tweet, social identity, social media sharing, and more. Other

Snap Social 2022 Review : Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Social Snap the best alternative to colonial war?

Yes, Social Snap is the best alternative to colonial war. Unlike Social Warfare, this is a stable plugin without issues or bugs due to updates. It offers more features like custom button branding, advanced analytics, content blocking, automatic social media sticker, and more social media platforms to share, to name a few.

2) How do you use Social Snap shortcodes?

Social Snap comes with a set of shortcodes to help you add Social Snap features anywhere on your blog or website.
Here are the four main categories of Social Snap shortcodes that you can further customize to get more precise results:These shortcodes can be generated using both the classic editor and Gutenberg blocks, which can be further customized to display specific options for the social media platform.

3) How much does Social Snap cost?

Snap Social costs $39 per year and is often discounted. Click here to get a massive 20% discount on the above price.

4) Is SocialSnap optimized for SEO?

SocialSnap is optimized for SEO. It’s very lightweight, runs asynchronously, and doesn’t have a lot of configuration options that could slow down your site. With options like Promote Old Posts, it automatically shares your content to ensure you get plenty of social proof and traffic.

5) What are the alternatives to social war?

Social Warfare was one of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress users until they ruined everything with constant bugs that broke your sites. The best alternatives to Social War are Social Snap, which is better, and a limited but free plugin for script-free social sharing.

Social Snap Review: Final Thoughts

It’s hard to develop social profiles with an engaged audience in a world where everyone seems to be screaming from the rooftops. Lots of noise and little time to do business.

I have found that with Social Snap, you can take some of the heavy burdens off by automating much of the process.

Using the Share button mode effectively makes it easy for your visitors to frequently share the content they visit. For example, having media buttons lets Pinterest users save images to their favorite boards quickly.

The Click-to-Tweet feature actively engages your visitors with your content and the ability to import your custom settings and images from other plugins like Social Warfare, making things even more accessible.

The bottom line is that Social Snap is the perfect social media plugin for people to share and interact with your content in an always-connected world.