Earning money with hobbies like writing, gardening, fitness, and art is often not on the agenda. Teachable helps you create a professional online course to teach people all this. This Teachable review describes one of the unique options for designing a beautiful website for presenting your studies, from video courses to PDF training.

We took a look at Teachable’s main competitors: Udemy and Uscreen. The two mentioned have pros and cons, but now it’s time to talk about Teachable, another exciting company. Teachable has a clean website interface, great customization tools, marketing options, and analytics.

Teachable Review

Teachable’s Online Course Creation Module provides hosting and security, as well as all the learning tools you need, from quizzes to discussion forums, blogs, and video courses. So keep reading for our in-depth, teachable review and see if this online course builder is right for you.

What is Teachable?

Teachable is a learning management system or LMS for bloggers, creators, and online educators to create and sell online courses. It was founded by Angkor Nagpal and was formerly known as Fedora. Hotmart bought the company for almost a quarter of a billion dollars in 2022.

Who is Teachable for?

Teachable is for bloggers, authors, and content creators who want to create online courses and sell them to subscribers.

You can also use Teachable to create a membership site and connect with your students.

Over 100,000 teachers have created over 34,000 courses for millions of students worldwide using Teachable. Top online content creators also use Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Thiago Forte of Second Brain to sell their seven-figure courses to their audience.

That’s a lot of personal growth!

Teachable vs. Udemy

Over the past few years, I’ve created and sold several courses through Teachable. I have also completed two courses for Udemy. In the end, I didn’t sell it.

Udemy collects and sells several courses together. He often gives them a massive discount through Udemy promotional codes and emails. With it, you have complete control over your system and its duration.

It costs more to use Teachable, while you can publish a course on Udemy for free. This price discrepancy is reflected in the lower revenue that Udemy receives from course sales.

Teachable offers more advanced course creation tools than Udemy.

For example, you can customize the appearance of your school. At Udemy, the course matches its brand. Teachable also provides more control over discounts, coupons, and student enrollment.

Udemy is a good choice if you create a course on a popular topic such as web development or design and do not have an existing audience. They will take care of promoting you.

However, if you have an existing audience and are happy to promote and sell your courses directly to junior students, Teachable is the best option. You are likely to make more money selling a digital product such as a course.

How it works?

  • Creating an online course is easy with Teachable.
  • Create a school that represents your brand
  • Create a course at this school
  • Create modules for your course
  • Download lesson materials for each block, such as video, audio, PDF, lesson notes.
  • Post your course
  • Sell ​​your course through a trained sales page

After you join Teachable, you will be asked to create a school representing your brand or website. You can link this school to your website using a subdomain name such as course.yourdomainname.com.

As the creator of a new course, you can customize the look and feel of your new school by changing the logo, fonts, and color scheme.

Students choose to attend a school before purchasing a course. Or you can give them access to all other methods for a single fee. It depends on how you want to teach and sell online.

I have purchased many online courses based on Teachable. Many teachers combine several methods within their school. Teachable recently released a single student ID card.

Essentially, this allows students to see all their courses across schools in one place (assuming the course creators have chosen to do so). It’s similar to single sign-on with Google.

Teachable Review : How much does Teachable cost?

Good news: Teachable recently launched a 14-day free trial. Start here before moving forward.

However, the training plan is divided into primary, professional, and business levels.

Learnable pricing plans

Teachable Base Plan

  • This plan costs $29 per month. Some of the main features include:
  • Charges a 5% transaction fee
  • Monthly payments
  • Two owners/authors
  • Contents of the drip irrigation course (explained below)
  • Teachable Basic is suitable for most people creating an online system for the first time because it is very accessible. I started with a copy of the plan. It took two years. If you’re new to creating an online course, start here.
  • The free curriculum is no longer available.

Teachable Professional plan

  • This plan costs $99 per month. You get all of the above pluses:
  • No transaction fee
  • Payment processing with Stripe
  • instant payments
  • A community for members only
  • educational products
  • Advanced reports
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • An unbranded website or school that you can customize with your branding
  • live chat
  • Five users per control level

I recently upgraded to this plan to share access with virtual assistants. I also wanted to access instant payments via Stripe instead of Paypal. What for? Well, Paypal’s fees are higher than Stripe’s. Some students have also requested certificates to complete their courses.

Choose this paid plan if you create and sell your first online course and earn more than Teachable’s monthly fee for selling courses. It will help you reduce your transaction fees.

Teachable business plan outline

It offers this plan for $249 per month. You get all of the above pluses:

  • Collective recruitment of students
  • 20 admin-level users
  • Bulk import for students
  • Custom user roles
  • Group training calls

I have not used this paid plan. However, I am affiliated with several online course developers on this plan. It is a good choice if you plan to work with many partners, want to sell an unlimited number of courses, or expect thousands of registrations.

I want the Teachable tool to add the ability to have multiple schools, for that matter. Also known as multi-tenancy, this will make it easier for course creators from different locations or brands to create schools for other parts of their business under a single account — like a college that makes up a university.

Teachable Review : Features

Create course

It is best to match lessons and course blocks and write your material before using Teachable.

It is not something that can be taught. I said creating an online course was easy, but I didn’t say it was fast!

Suppose you have one, upload videos, PDFs, and presentations to the course platform. Or you can import content from services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Then move it using the drag path constructor. This step breaks the course into modules containing specific lessons in each module. Or you can stick to a certain number of assignments.

Teachable hosts videos and other content on the LMS, so you don’t have to worry about missing out. You are also the owner of the student’s course data. If it bothers you, you can export student data, contact list, and income information at any time.

I sometimes get lost clicking menu items on the Teachable toolbar, but the drag and drop tool is relatively easy to use.

Managing Enrolments

Teachable shows who are signed up for the course, the lessons they’ve learned, and their progress so far. You can easily register or unregister students from the control panel. Students can access your entire course at once, or you can give them materials to submit. Again, you can grant complete registration or access at any time.

Students sometimes ask for a refund for my courses. They can do this directly in Teachable, and I get minimal customer service requests.

Teachable offers the option to change the language for international students. I didn’t test these options as part of my teachable review.

Communicate with students

The best way to communicate with new and existing students is via email. Welcome them to your course, ask for feedback, or let students know about a new lesson, module, or even a new system.

It integrates with popular email providers such as MailChimp and ConvertKit.

Instead, consider Teachable’s built-in email service. I use this to email current students about course updates.

After posting a new lesson, I go to the relevant course, select all the students, and send them a broadcast email within Teachable. It is also a good marketing tool to inform students about other classes. You can also send messages to individual students.


You can create course tests that test students based on their knowledge of the course or topic. These quizzes can have one or more answers, and students can earn a degree and even a certificate for completing.


Some students like to get a certificate of course completion. Teachable offers three different certificate templates that you can give to successful students.

Teachable automatically adds the student’s name, course, and school. You can change the color and add a comment. In addition, you can customize the appearance of these certificates using HTML.

Sell ​​your course

What’s the point of creating a terrific course if you can’t sell it?!

You can offer a free course that complements a book, product, or service. However, most course designers want to make money.

Teachable provides several sales page templates designed for conversion. They work through a drag and drop builder. If you can create a page in WordPress, you can customize these templates. Again, I recommend writing the sales copy and collecting images for the course in question before making the sales page.

I’ve been using a trained sales page for several years. I used to customize the design of these pages. However, the new templates seem to work just fine. However, the page builder still has some features.

Users can also connect a custom website domain to their school. Alternatively, you can create a landing page using Clickfunnels or LeadPages and link it directly to the trained checkout page. I’ve tried this a bit, but Teachable and Checkout landing pages convert just fine.


Teachable allows you to customize the checkout process. You can add information about warranties, support, and testimonials to convince prospective students to drop the cart.

It also connects to your preferred payment gateway. In my case, it’s a bar above Paypal because of the transaction caption.

Teachable supports advanced pricing options such as a one-time fee, subscription, payment plan, and more. It accepts payments through PayPal, Stripe, and most major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard.

The checkout page is teachable.
Trainable checkout page: support VAT notifications and coupons

Regular sales tracking

The Teachable Dashboard shows you how many students have signed up in the last month and how much income you’ve earned in a given period of each course.

Managing returns and cancellations are part of doing business online. Teachable is relatively easy to cancel a student’s subscription and get a refund for another student.

Student Discounts

Inside Teachable, you can set up discounts for students. Decide how much percentage you want to remove the original price, and you will create your coupon and link. Then give it to any student.

I use this feature a lot as I sometimes share it with other course creators. I create a discount code that they share with their fans.


The Teachable Professional Plan allows you to work with affiliate marketers. You can specify the amount they will receive as payment for selling your course. It will give them a unique link to use and track expenses. You can also add as many affiliates as you want or set up students as affiliate partners.

Additional Sales and Marketing Features

Teachable supports advanced selling features such as one-click sales and packages. Essentially, if you have more than one course, you can offer new students the opportunity to purchase a second course on the Thank You page at a discount. It is an excellent way to increase conversions.

If you advertise your online course on Facebook, you can add your pixel to the sales page.

Coach support

Support is quick to respond. Over the years, I’ve collected many tickets about the pricing and design of my school and received helpful answers.

Teachable does offer a knowledge base, although I’ve noticed that some of the articles are outdated, and I’m referring to Fedora’s last name.

You can create a ticket and listen to it within 24 hours if you have a request. Trained professional clients can benefit from live chat.

Teachable Review : Why did you choose education?

Any online course creator in the European Union must charge VAT on the courses sold. This tax is more difficult to collect and even pay for longer, as you have to keep track of how much each student has paid. I checked my accountant!

Teachable takes care of this admin headache by including VAT in pricing and paying for me, simplifying your tax reporting obligations. It is the main reason I joined Teachable. It’s also the main reason why I’m still available to teach today.

I’ve also researched using various WordPress plugins to create an online course over the years. They were more complex to use, and that’s except for the time spent recording the class.

Teachable is a powerful learning management system designed specifically for creators.

If you’re interested, opt for a 14-day free trial today.

Teachable Review: Integrations

Learning is significant in and of itself. However, as with WordPress, there’s always the chance that you’ll want to add more features to your course creation solution. It is where integrations come in. The platform comes with many integration options to help you.

As mentioned above, you can create custom integrations with a tool like Zapier. This is an excellent option for many people who want to make specific links using their favorite devices. You can even access marketing tools and links to alternative membership sites. There is also an option to access Vizia with Teachable so you can add different forms of participation to your courses.

For example, Vizia will help you implement things like quizzes, calls to action in your videos, polls, and more. In addition, there is support for webhooks and more important third-party integrations with tools such as:

  • Mailchimp
  • converter
  • Sumo
  • Gmail
  • Sales department

Teachable Review: Reporting

The only way to make sure you get the most out of your online courses is to measure some metrics. Like with an e-commerce site, access to reporting tools will show you if your sales strategies produce results.

This course reporting tools are in many ways the easy-to-use tools you’d expect to see elsewhere on the platform. However, you can only access the reports on the Professional plan and above. Reports on free or basic plan options are not accessible.

If you have the right plan, you can find reports on everything from course sales to memberships and video stats in the View All section of the admin sidebar. You can click on Reports to access test score reports, videos, leaderboards, and more.

A Lecture Completion Report also allows you to see how your students are progressing in your course work.

Teachable Review: FAQ

Who uses education?

Entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Tiago Forte of Second Brain use Teachable to sell courses to thousands of students.

Can you make money learning?

If you have an audience and are happy to sell a course or training, you can make money on Teachable. Yes, I’ve used Teachable for several years and got five numbers from different classes. Other course creators have created seven personalized courses on Teachable.

Is it legit educable?

In 2022, Hotmart recently acquired this educational platform for a nine-figure sum.

Is thinking better than learning?

Both course platforms will get the job done. I prefer this platform because of its ease of use and support for EU tax legislation.Join over 15,000 writers today
Get a free book to write and learn how to make more money from your writing.Email address.
Description: An outstanding learning management solution if you want to create and sell courses.

Pros & Cons


  • Course building is easy
  • Affordable, Affordable, Affordable
  • New features added regularly
  • High converting sales pages
  • Handles EU VAT reports


  • You cannot have more than one school
  • Drip emails are hard to setup
  • The page builder has some quirks
  • No multi-rental


Teachable is a great learning management solution to create and sell courses. It is relatively easy to use and has plenty of powerful tools for any course builder. The 14-day free trial is an excellent opportunity to test this service out for yourself.