Today I will discuss about Tube Mastery And Monetization Review. Like me, you are not new to these crazy stories of ordinary people quitting safe jobs and starting own online business.

I was dreamed of doing the same, but never found the courage or the recklessness to do it. I thought that I lacked the magical talent or ability that would make success possible.

But when I started researching, I realized that these are not magic tricks. It would be success if you had knowledge, perseverance, and hard work. The turning point for me was the course: with the help of the I learned what I needed to know to open my own YouTube channel.

I believe this is one of the best courses on this topic available on the Internet. To anyone who is considering buying, I will share my experience in this article.

So, without further delay, let’s dive into the details of the Tube Mastery and Monetization course review.course.

Who is the author of Tube Mastery and Monetization?

One of the reasons I chose this course is that someone with a lot of experience decided to share his expertise.

Matt Par started his first YouTube channel at the age of 14. He uploaded videos of himself and his friends performing stunts in his backyard. His views and subscriptions began to grow, and he decided to do business with it.

He opened a second YouTube channel that he monetized, and by the time he was 16, that second channel had reached 100,000 subscribers and made $ 9,000 a month.

As he evolves and refines his strategies, Matt can count on nine active monetized YouTube channels today and makes $ 30,000 a month until he is 21 years old.

This story is incredibly inspiring but most interesting because, in its course, Matt Par shares his strategies that led to his impressive success at such a young age.

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How does it work?

When you purchase a course, you get access to a simple interface to familiarize yourself with all the course materials. As I mentioned, the lessons are presented in the form of videos and are combined into modules.

The first few modules provide essential knowledge, then the further you progress in the course, the more advanced the information provided becomes. All materials are available in understandable language.

The videos are quite attractive. You won’t get bored while watching them, because they are full of valuable information. At any time, you can pause the video, rewind, or fast forward. You can take notes and use them as you want.

Key Features

Main content
The course is separated into modules, and each module includes several lessons presented as a video. The time ranges from the most basic knowledge to professional tips and strategies to monetize your videos and start making money.

Student Facebook group
This may seem like an additional feature that is not used much, but at least it has proved useful to me.

The community is ready to help with any questions you may encounter during the course. Even if you cannot find the play button, they will tell you where to press.

The group includes former students who are now seasoned YouTubers who can provide you with additional help, support, and inspiration.


The course also offers a couple of cool bonuses. The first is a list of over 100 profitable niches with relative channel examples. This can help you pick your place and shape your ideas for how your YouTube channel will look.

In this course, there is a set of video script templates. They are made to fill in the gaps so that it is straightforward for you to figure out how to create your videos.

It was beneficial for me in the beginning. Over time, I started to create my templates, but the ones presented in the course reinforced my ideas and made sure I was going in the right direction when I was completely new to the topic.For increasing subscribers, you can use Tube Buddy.

I also found this part very inspiring: Matt Par talks about his experience and how he went from making videos for fun to working with them.

  • Module 1: Choosing a niche
  • Module 2. How to set up a channel for success
  • Module 3: Create and Upload Videos
  • Module 4: Growth Module
  • Module 5: Monetization module
  • Module 6: Scaling


The price for the entire course, including bonuses, is $ 597. I know this may seem like a high price, but you will find that it is on the same level if you compare it to other classes.

Most courses require a monthly subscription to access the content; with this course, you can make a one-time payment and access the content anytime, even after a year.

Plus, you can have access to your Facebook student group almost forever. I still keep in touch with the group and, privately, the unique users I met there.

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Guarantee scheme

Tube Mastery and Monetization offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. You will get 60 days to decide if the course is worth your money or not.

If you decide this is not the case, you can request a full refund within 60 days. The total amount spent will be refunded without any explanation.

This is great for anyone still undecided: you can try this course and If you don’t like it, you will get money back.

Pros and cons
Before I finish, I thought I’d give a shortlist of the program’s pros and cons.


  • He will learn you how to create a YouTube channel and also teach you how to grow and keep growing.
  • This is the new way for you to make money on the YouTube platform.
  • It was created for those who have already passed this path.
  • The explanations are made in clear and attractive language.
  • While it may sound expensive, this is the only course you will need to buy to create your YouTube channel and start making money from it.


  • It is strictly focused on the YouTube platform.
  • The $ 597 spent right away can be a significant expense for someone, but it’s worth it.

If you are planning to begin a real YouTube business, an activity that can generate a steady income for you so you can end up quitting your day job, this course is for you.

Being successful on YouTube is not a matter of luck. It is a matter of preparation and hard work, and in my opinion, tube mastery and monetization are where you can learn everything you need to know to achieve your goals.

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