Today I will discuss about Videly. As a full-time YouTube Affiliate Marketer, creator of YT Evolution, and CEO of a YouTube ranking service, I can assure you that it is possible to rank videos on Google and YouTube without backlinks and integration are know-how to do good SEO.

Most of the videos I rate on YouTube, and Google never see a backlink or are never embedded.

If you buy Videly from a link on this website, you will have access to my course on building an authority YouTube channel that will outperform your competition.

Videly is a new video marketing suite to help you rank your videos on Google and YouTube. This web-based tool is packed with features that will make any video excellent.

Videly is so powerful that it is maintained by a group of hardcore video marketers who do it for a living. It is not just a video rating software that they made to sell, but they use it for their own business to generate 6 to 7 digits every year!

I also bought all the video marketing software that Vlad and Stoica (BlasterSuite) made for my own business. But Videly is in a league of its own, as you’ll see below.


Videly is a tool that finds keywords you can rank for. It’s a video toolset that goes a lot further. If you take the time to learn how Videly works, your competition will wonder how you can continue to outperform them.

Here are some things Videly can do for you:

  • Google and YouTube ranking system reverse engineers.
  • Find keywords from untapped buyers.
  • It categorizes it through SEO-optimized titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • Analyze all the best videos from your niche on YouTube (Pro version).
  • Keep track of all your rankings on Google and YouTube (Pro version).
  • Create detailed video SEO reports for you or your clients (agency version).


Video marketers created Videly; they know exactly what it takes to rank. 

For example, when you do a keyword search, you can choose the language and even select the sources to get keywords like YouTube, Google, Bing, Amazon, etc.

All of this data is integrated into easy-to-use web software that will take your video skills to a whole new level.

Videly helps to:

  • To find keywords from untapped buyers.
  • Generate SEO optimized tags, descriptions, and titles.
  • To generate 100% free targeted visitors from Google and YouTube.
  • Absorb the massive potential of SEO without your knowledge.
  • 100% user-friendly access.
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How does Videly software work?

You can find out how Videly works below based on their official website. It consists of 3 stages:

Step 1: Research keywords.

Videly software analyzes the keywords targeted by your competitors and prefers them to you. It also lists the competitors and the number of searches for each keyword. It also lets you know if it is difficult or easy to classify.

Step 2: Autopilot SEO optimization

Videly analyzes the competitors and automatically identifies the video’s weak points and exploits them. It gives you video title, description, and tags that can get you to the top ranks in seconds.

Step 3: Copy / Paste and Make Profit.

  • You can upload videos to YouTube and see flooded visitors and views.
  • What are the advantages of Videly software?
  • You can rank your video on the first page and get more views than you expect.
  • It increases the number of website visitors.
  • You could have more subscribers, which increases your ranking.
  • Improve your leads and sales.
  • It requires no other tools or hidden costs.
  • Helps you find profitable untapped keywords.
  • The software works in any language and niche.
  • The program is offered at an affordable cost.
  • It is simple, easy and efficient to use.
  • According to the official website, there is an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee to guarantee a risk-free investment.

Cons in Videly:

Videly software can be purchased from its official website online only.

It requires an internet connection because it works online.

Who can use Videly?

Videly software can support all of its users. But some specific people depend on this exclusive support, and they are:

  • Youtuber
  • SEO Marketing
  • Vloggers.
  • Video agency.
  • Internet experts.

What is the cost of the program?

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The Videly program is affordable to help people who depend on online businesses. According to the official website, this online program is profitable, and you can only get it for $ 47 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It gives you full access to the program, and there are no additional costs, hidden charges included in your purchase.


Does Videly work with keywords in other languages?
Yes. Videly features improved technology that makes it compatible with a variety of languages. It also allows you to search for and optimize keywords in other languages.

Will there be any updates?
Yes, there will be future updates for videly. You don’t have to wait about manually updating your software as Videly is an entirely cloud-based solution. This costume will automatically update for you.

Are updates available?
Yes. But these are optional because you can do a lot with the basic version itself. Upgrades to this service come with better features and a higher SERP ranking.

Is this a monthly subscription?
No. Currently, Videly is offered as a one-time payment and can not subscribe.

Is it compatible with Windows and iOS?
Yes. But Videly is a cloud solution independent of your device’s operating system or version. As long as you can access the website, you can get the services of Videly.

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