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When it comes to marketing, different industries require different strategies; for example, millions of local businesses still stick to traditional channels like TV ads or billboards, while some other sectors get great results simply by paying for pay-per-click ads.

But do you know what they have in common? The point is that everyone has a website.

It’s been 29 years since the first website was launched. Everything has changed, and online users are becoming more and more important. A nice, functional, and responsive website should be the receptionist, PR, and online salesperson these days.

Believe it or not, some companies pay for SEO or PPC services. They use poorly designed pages to increase valuable traffic. Just think if you can provide local businesses with an accessible website to improve their online appearance and increase their income?

And today, I’m going to introduce you to a product that brings all of these resources together so that you can instantly create a web design agency. The product is called Web Agency Fortune.

Web Agency Fortune is a product that can professionally design local business websites in various niches and can be installed in minutes. Each site has options for home, landing, and other internal pages with all the content ready, among other notable features.

Still, excited to understand what’s inside this awesome package I’m talking about? Scroll down to find out more!

What is Web Agency Fortune?

Are you looking to make hundreds of dollars in the next 2.5 hours? Making money on the Internet is not a fairy tale. But in reality, you need to find the right thing, the right place to sell. It is why 95% of people do not make money online.

Great news! You have the option to turn a small investment into hundreds of dollars or more (your choice). You are about to get a copy of the GPL-licensed Divi / Divi Builder theme as well as 11 one-page website templates (10 for local business, 1 for your agency website)

Web Agency Fortune from my friend Dawn is a system that allows you to create beautiful, highly convertible websites for six types of local businesses: beauty salons, car repairs, pet care, childcare, mortgage broker, and window cleaning.

You can create a ready-to-use WordPress site that business owners will be happy to pay for in minutes. And once you sell a website for a business, you have a great opportunity to offer other services like SEO, social media, PPC advertising, and more.

For a limited time, you can get:

12 one page sites for 11 types of local businesses
Website for an Internet agency selling geolocation
Images and content are ready to use
… For only 1/3 the cost of one theme on Themeforest. Designed for six types of domestic businesses.

Are you interested? Feel free to check out the following parts of our Fortune web agency review as I show you what you get today.

Mario Brown and Dawn Woo created the Fortune Web Agency. For a year of collaborating with hundreds of marketers worldwide, Daun Wu has prepared tips and tricks for himself to do a successful online business. And his multi-value release proved it.

Some of the products you should check are Local Landing Page Package, Local Video Fortune, etc. Now the next part of my Fortune web agency review will show the most popular features.

What will you enter?
Here’s what you get:

Fortune Web Agency provides templates for 12 local businesses.

  • Dentist
  • chiropractor
  • pet care
  • tree service
  • Bishop’s owner
  • HVAC Contractor
  • electrician
  • personal injury attorney
  • family lawyer
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Mexican Restaurant
  • web design agency
  • Your agency’s website

An agency website with one page is specially designed to promote website services; it can instantly make you a professional web developer. It can be installed as easily as local business websites. You can start your new business today!

Web Agency Fortune Training Agency

Learn from Web Agency Fortune video tutorials and PDFs:

  • Basic installation and setup
  • How to add videos to websites
  • How to create landing pages from single page templates
  • How to make other pages (about us, services, contacts.
  • Step by step instructions

Learn from Web Agency Fortune video tutorials and PDFs:

  • How to install websites
  • How to customize the theme builder and modify websites
  • How to provide duplicate content management service
  • The Best Resources You Need to Grow Your Agency Business (Most of them are Free)
  • 6 Email Templates

A collection of their best email templates has attracted many web design clients for their agency since 2018. There are four main templates and two templates that you can use to increase your income after working with your first client significantly.

Web Agency Fortune Features and Benefits

  • Selling a website for $ 2,000 is difficult, but selling a day site for $ 500 is much easier.
  • Now you know that many local businesses are using old and outdated websites. But in my experience, it’s not always easy to convince them to invest in a new website. Instead, they’ll be more interested in an affordable landing page ($ 300 to $ 500 ideal) that they can use and get results right away.
  • A one-page website can be used as a home page and optimized for ranking in search or as a landing page to drive paid traffic. It can also be used to create additional pages for a website. (You will learn in the lessons)
  • It’s an easy job for you when you can set up a website in minutes. The Fortune Web Agency Platform was built with this in mind.
  • You have a huge hungry market.
    There are currently over 30 million local businesses (in the US alone). 50% of them use old websites, and 30% don’t even have websites. Also, 600,000 new companies are registered annually. They need a website.
  • If you haven’t joined the 38 billion-strong web development industry yet, Web Agency Fortune will be the best entry you can find there.
  • Get professional website designs that sell themselves.
    These websites were not created by a designer but by Mr. Daun Wu, a marketer with years of experience working with companies in many industries. So you can be sure that the local businesses will love them and, of course, will pay you well for them.
  • You can save $ 1000 on photos and content.
    Standard photos usually cost between $ 10 and $ 30 per customer. With an average of 10-15 images per website, any web designer is a huge investment. With Fortune Web Agency, all beautiful, ready-to-use images on your DFY sites are included for free.
  • Easy to operate!
    He did all the hard work for you. With Web Agency Fortune, install the pre-designed templates and modify them with customer information. I repeat. No design skills are required. Websites are built for WordPress, and it’s super easy for non-tech marketers.

How does Web Agency Fortune work?

You can set it up in just three steps.

  • Step 1. Installation : Install WordPress and the provided WordPress theme. Then import the music set by uploading the preset file.
  • Step 2: Import : Import a ready-made library of site templates into the theme. It can be done in less than a minute.
  • Step 3. Configure : Create a page using the imported form and customer information. The texts and images are finished!

Web Agency Fortune Review: Is Web Agency Fortune profitable?

When it comes to marketing, different industries require different strategies.

Millions of local businesses still use traditional channels such as TV ads or offline ads.

Some industries get great results simply by paying for PPC ads.

Others need to build proper video channels or invest thousands of dollars a month to get to the first pages of search results – to get more customers to their door.

But do you know what they all need? Location! Yes, every company needs a website but not just a website.

It is where the Web Agency Fortune comes in – a unique system that took its creator months to develop. Web Agency Fortune allows anyone to create beautiful and functional WordPress websites in minutes.

Within a few minutes, you should be able to create a ready-to-use WordPress site that business owners will be happy to pay for. You will be able to edit these sites with a visual designer.

You can use visual designer and DFY layout in single-page templates to create other pages like landing pages, about pages, service pages, etc. Dawn will provide you with video tutorials as well.

Do you know what the best thing about selling website services is? After you sell a website for a company, you have a great opportunity to provide other services like SEO, social media, PPC advertising, and others.

More than 600,000 new domestic companies are registered annually in the United States alone. All of them will need a new website. So, you have a huge market in front of you. Not only that, Dawn will provide you with an agency website that will instantly make you a professional web designer.

Dawn doesn’t make great products that you can use and look great; It’s also one of the few product manufacturers (and I’ve met many) who want to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. You will undoubtedly see a return on your investment by using any of their agency tools.

Dawn has extensive experience working with companies across various industries and has spent months researching to ensure that websites meet the needs of those specific industries. You can go to his sales page and see accurate demos of these sites. You will also receive photos and content.

I found that the quality of their websites and the promotional videos for each venue on each site were excellent. Additionally, He has included great tutorial videos and website setup documents. He still quickly answers any question I ask – the kind of support teachers can learn from.

I tested one and two volumes of Web Agency Fortune (pre-made sites) and was very happy with them, and most importantly, my clients are delighted. Dawn quickly resolved all the issues I had (of which there were very few), and in some cases, this meant he would log into my site to solve the problems.


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Web Agency Fortune

User Interface: Web Agency Fortune ($ 38)

  • 11 Full Page Local Business Templates – Cost: $ 3,267
  • Your agency’s website cost: $ 397.
  • DFY Prospecting Email Templates Pricing: $ 197
  • Mining video cost: $ 197.
  • Step by Step Instructions – Cost: $ 97.
  • Bonus Content – Cost: $ 47.
  • Resources for Web Designers – Cost: $ 97.
  • One year of personalized email support – Cost: $ 297

OTO 1 – Service Pack $ 97

  • Remove watermark
  • Electronic mining
  • Agency Legal Document Templates

OTO 2 – Fortune Extended Niches Web Agency, $ 77

  • 25 additional ports
  • No watermark

OTO 3 – Additional Marketing Materials for 40 Seats $ 67

  • 40 ppt video
  • Over 500 images from social networks

OTO 4 – Fortune Local Video $ 67

  • 60 local videos in 20 locations
  • Audio commentary from USA and UK
  • Blackboard and Blackboard Edition
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • square video

Web Agency Fortune CONCLUSION

Thanks so much for reading our Fortune web agency review! I hope this has helped you in your purchasing decision. This system provides many early bird rewards. Take action as soon as possible to get the best deal.To get update information follow my social media.

Web Agency Fortune FAQ

What ports are included?

Dentist, Family Attorney, Injury Lawyer, Childcare, Pet Grooming, Pizzeria, Cafeteria, Chiropractor, Roofing Contractor, Tree Maintenance Contractor, and HVAC Contractor.

Are these sites easy to change?

Yes, you will be able to edit these sites with the visual designer.

Are these websites suitable for local businesses?

Dawn has a wealth of experience working with companies across various industries and has spent months researching to make sure websites meet the needs of those specific industries. You can go to their sales page and view the exact demos of these sites. You will also receive images and content.

Will the market become saturated?

Impossible! In the United States alone, more than 600,000 new domestic businesses are registered each year. Each of them will need a new site. So there is a vast market that you can target.

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